5 Ways To Upgrade Your Rental

Landlords giveth, and they taketh away. Though they're typically the ones that hand over keys to the apartments we love, they're also decor dream-killers. No painting the walls, no hanging artwork — it's almost as if they don't want us to feel at home. Fortunately, even if you're living in a renter with crazy-strict rules, there are still tricks to make your space feel cozy, functional, and like the home you want it to be.
Graphic, temporary wallpaper in the kitchen is a great alternative to that zingy yellow paint you had your heart set on. Deal with a harsh overhead lighting situation simply by not using it. Instead, bring in colorful (and low-wattage) lamps for an intimate vibe. Read on for 15 ways to get that makeover started today. Your dream pad is just a few clicks — not a downpayment — away.
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Subtle Lighting
Your landlords weren't thinking of ambience when they installed those cheap, harsh overhead lights. A floor lamp next to your couch will create a cozy and intimate vibe. Keep that LED fixture turned off, except when you need to do some serious deep cleaning.
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Temporary Wallpaper
Not being allowed to paint or hang art can get depressing. The good news: There are plenty of new, rad temporary wallpaper lines out there. A graphic kind, like this faces print, can take the place of both art and paint.
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Statement Artwork
Nailing up a gallery wall of artwork (and having to spackle the holes later) can seem like a drag if you're only in an apartment for a few months to a year. Opt for one wow-worthy piece that will fill the room with color without risking your security deposit.
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Chic Window Treatments
Bare windows are a crime against pretty. If new blinds aren't an option, invest in a pair of curtains to keep all your parties exclusive (and those nosy neighbors out). The tassels on these white ones add the perfect sophisticated wink.
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Funky Storage
Can't hang shelves? That doesn't mean you should live in mayhem. Pick up some bright storage containers that cleverly mix functionality with an eye-candy aesthetic.
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