Make Over Your Space In ONE Weekend

You loved those chevron pillows when you bought them. And, you don't remember your blinds being such a fusty color of brown when you first fell for them. But now, everything in your apartment feels so played out that you can barely stand to look at the place for another day. Trouble is, you don’t have the budget, nor the time, to take on an interior-design overhaul. Meet the mini (but mighty) weekend makeover.
Painting walls and installing new structures are projects that seem at odds with your summer priorities: You've got barbecues to swing by and OITNB to binge-watch, after all. The secret is to effect change bit by bit. Weekend makeovers are the small tweaks that take two hours max to complete, but pack major refresh power. Ahead, 18 easy fixes that will breathe new life into your living room, bedroom, bathroom, and kitchen. Trick out the front of your refrigerator or switch up your bathroom vanity (it's easier than it sounds) and you'll have a more livable apartment come Monday morning. No contractor required.