10 Words For "Love" That English Needs, Stat

Photographed by Alexandra Gavillet.
Sure, American English speakers have a word for bouncing from relationship to relationship, but where's our word for that feeling you get when someone is so cute you want to squeeze them to within an inch of their life? There are all kinds of factors that determine how we use language to express ourselves. And, as anyone who's tried to DTR (define the relationship) before knows, it can be especially difficult to find the right words to describe how we feel about someone else.
That's what inspired "The Language of Love," an illustration series from Expedia.co.uk by Argentinian artist Jazmin Batista. Her illustrations depict different types of affection and feelings that only certain languages can accurately describe.
We learned from the series that, from Tagalog to Norwegian, languages from around the world have developed to capture nuanced, real-life emotions. Some of these words only refer to an isolated moment (the anticipation you feel right before someone comes over), while others describe how committed you are (the hope that you never have to live without your partner).
Ahead, discover the word for falling in love, the sensation of caressing your lover's hair, and more. You just might be able to put something into words that was previously indescribable.
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Yagan (Tierra del Fuego, Chile)

/ma-me-la-pin-ya-ta-pi/ - A meaningful, wordless look shared between two individuals who want to initiate something, but are scared to make the first move.
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Tagalog (Philipines)

/ghee-gil/ - The desire to pinch or squeeze something (or someone!) that is overwhelmingly cute.
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Arabic (Lebanon)

/yu-burni/ - In English, the literal translation is "you bury me." It used to express the hope that your loved one outlives you, so you don't have to endure the pain of living without them.
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Norwegian (Norway)

/phor-rel-sket/ - A euphoric feeling experienced when you start falling in love.
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Inuit (Greenland)

/ik-tsuar-pok/ - The feeling of anticipation when waiting for someone to come over to your home.
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Hindi (India)

/vi-rag/ - The emotional pain felt due to being away from the one you love.
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Portugese (Brazil)

/ka-fu-neh/ - The motion of running your fingers through your beloved's hair.
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Tamil (Sri Lanka)

/oo-dal/ - The act of fake-sulking after getting into a trivial argument with your loved one.
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Welsh (Wales)

/ku-tch/ - A hug — a safe haven given to you by the one you love.
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Spanish (Spain)

/fle-cha-zo/ - Feeling that you've been struck by Cupid's arrow (when you have an intense connection with someone).