Animated Phallic Plants Rise to the Occasion in 160g Magazine

Fashion, art, and sex have always been rather cozy bedfellows, but in the latest "Erotic" issue of 160g , this ménage à trois shot by Pamela Reed + Matthew Rader and illustrated by Ana Benaroya gets a little a kookier than usual. Not content with Marie Antoinette bouffants, dramatic photography and couture-like gowns, the folks over at 160g decided to mix things up with irreverent plant animations. Though model Jenny Sweeney manages to ward off snarling venus fly-traps and menacing flowers with gardening shears, she proves that even high fashion is powerless against the evil penis plant, for which there is no known pesticide. Maybe some Margiela nail pumps will do the trick? (TFS)

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