Andrea Linett’s Things-You-Need-Right-Now List

One of the cofounders of Lucky magazine and its former creative director, Andrea Linett, has helped us develop and celebrate our obsession with shopping, taking it from a hobby to a lifestyle. Currently, as a creative director and the author of the book I Want To Be Her!, Linett's now taken the time to indulge us in a little shopping eye candy each month with the six items she craving.
When I was packing for my recent trip to Paris, I just figured I’d bring everything I would wear for a week in Manhattan — my usual skinny jeans, Acne Pistol boots, and a nice menswear coat, which works anywhere. But, when I got there, aye aye aye!
While my husband was looking at beautiful architecture and French Motorbike stores, I was busy studying the chic women all over the place, sauntering down Rue Vieille du Temple and sitting in cafés talking about who knows what. I am now obsessed with looking like they do all summer, and here are a few things to get us there.
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Slouchy-ish Jeans — Everyone seems to have ditched the skin-tight look and are now wearing their skinnies a little slouchier. I love this pair by new label A.N.D. — I took them one size up and they’re just loose enough to give me the look I’m after.

A.N.D. Flynn 50 Wears Ankle Skinny Jeans, $195, available at Shopbop.
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A Big Bag — Here I was in my first Refinery post going on and on about how French women don’t carry anything but their keys and cell phone. Well, guess what? Now they’re all lugging big saddle bags; giant, slouchy, shoulder satchels; or chic, structured totes like this (expensive-looking) one…

Cooperative East/West Tote Bag, $59, available at Urban Outfitters.
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Perfect Skin — No one wears makeup (or at least they are genius at knowing how to look like they don’t); they all just look like they have great skin. I recently tried Prescriptives video chat where a specialist assesses your skin, and in about one week, the perfect color shows up at your door. It’s kind of bananas!

Photo: Courtesy of Prescriptives
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Sneaker Sandals — The Isabel Marant-esque wedge sneaker is still going strong, but I got into the sandal version much more. They remind me of the Miu Mius I had back in the late ‘90s.

Ash Eloise Bis, $175, available at Piperlime.
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Messy Hair — No one seems to have a blowout. Instead, they’ve got perfectly tousled heads that say they have more important things to do than their hair, like hanging out with friends at Quai Quai or drinking coffee on the Rue St. Honore. Know what I mean? A little dab (the amount you need will depend on your hair’s thickness and texture) on damp hair will make it dry perfectly wavy with a little shine. I massage some into the ends in between shampooing, too.

Nuxe Huile Prodigieuse 50ml, $30, available at Space NK.
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Biker Jacket — You can’t throw a rock in the Marais without hitting a girl in a biker jacket — this shirt-sleeved one is such a cool alternative for warmer nights and kind of Céline-ish in shape. So smart.

Allsaints Reptile Quad Biker Jacket, $768, available at Allsaints.