These Rad Pixie Cuts Will Finally Convince You To Chop Your Hair

Chances are you've heard (or pinned) at least one famous phrase attributed to the OG female badass of the fashion industry, Coco Chanel. The most timeless one is simple: "A woman who cuts her hair is about to change her life." Why? Because it couldn't be more true.

Anyone who's toyed with scissors knows that even the tiniest trim can make a world of difference in how you feel. However, it takes a special kind of motivation to go for the ultra-bold pixie — especially for short hair newbies. For one, maintaining it is far from easy. (If your hair grows fast, you may find yourself freshening up your cut every few weeks!)

Despite the maintenance and initial shock you might feel, the results are always worth it — just ask anyone who's dared to go this short and you'll end up hearing that they felt liberated and empowered. Even more exciting? It's a cut that every texture is able to embrace. All it takes is the right stylist, an open mind, and a whole lot of hair product. See some of the pixies we've had our eyes on lately, ahead...

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For Rooney Mara's smooth style, grab your spray bottle and a light-hold product, then get to slickin' with your fine-toothed comb. (This how-to will help!)
Photo: Earl Gibson III/Getty Images.
To keep your curls intact, like Nicole Murphy, try setting your wave pattern with a light gel — and if time permits, sit underneath a hooded dryer or diffuser for a few minutes to set it.
Did you know that Orlando Pita crafted the short cuts seen at the latest Tom Ford show... without scissors?! A faux snip is simple to get, with the help of bobby pins and hairspray.
"#Pixielicious," is how Cara Delevigne described her new chop (done by Mara Roszak) in July.
Spotted at the Erdos show in Beijing: a badass bowl cut with curtain fringe. Win-win!
#TeamNatural can embrace the pixie, too. As Viola Davis demonstrated, it's all in the silhouette: short in the back, full up top, with a sharp side part.
Fret not if you wake up with your hair all over the place: A mini flat iron can help put things back into place.
Katy Perry's chop is multifaceted. "Sometimes your hair falls out when you go too blonde. So, this is the way I handled it,” she told Ellen DeGeneres in May. But in June, she gave some deeper insight: "People like to talk about my hair, right? They don't like it or they wish that it was longer...That is a little bit of why I cut my hair, because I really want to be my authentic self 100%.”
"We did the cut during the middle of the night before the Oscars," Janelle Monae's longtime hairstylist Nikki Nelms told us earlier this year. "Janelle was not nervous. It was her idea!"
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