10 New Year's Eve Secrets We Wish We'd Known In Our 20s

New Year's can be a super-stressful time. The possibilities are seemingly endless — one friend suggests renting a table in the club and getting bottle service all night, your S.O. wants to stay in and watch The Nightmare Before Christmas ironically, and Justin Bieber just DM-ed you on Instagram to see if you'd wanna hit up Ibiza and chill. What's a girl to do?

We suggest you take matters into your own hands and throw an #NYE bash to remember. If this sounds overwhelming, don't fret — we've outlined a few simple ways to check yourself before you wreck yourself (and the entire evening) by keeping things totally grown-up. No sippy cups here, folks! (Well, unless your party theme is adult babies — then, the world's your oyster.)

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There are some universal truths you should accept if you want to throw down like an adult on NYE.
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Then, pick a theme! Adults love theme parties, especially if it means they get to dress up.
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Every host needs to be a stellar conversationalist. Dive right in and make small talk with friends old and new.
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Realize that sometimes people get on your nerves, and find an adult way to cope with those feelings. It's your party, and you can cry if you want to! Just not into the bowl of Champagne.
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If you're still emotional, high and low points may become indistinguishable. Deal with it.
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That's when it's time for some grownup party games — always a crowd-pleaser.
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You really know you're having an adult party when you walk in on one of your best girlfriends having a heart-to-heart with her S.O.
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At some point, one of your friends will have to leave early because children. Pity them, and then move on with your life.
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Don't forget the after-party — all of the best grownup holiday parties have one.
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And, of course, the after-after-party. Maybe now's a good time to check back in with the Biebs.