Miley Cyrus & Her Barbie Twin Sport Pink Body Hair Down There

Miley Cyrus has been on board with armpit hair for a while now, but recently the singer upped the ante by dying her fuzz neon pink — and got a plastic mini-me to match.

Wrecking Ball Barbie — yep, that’s what we’ve decided to call it — features Cyrus’s signature blonde strands, tons of tattoos, and, of course, fuchsia pits. She also has a shock of pink pubic hair — a look that Cyrus is apparently sporting herself these days, according to more photo evidence on her Instagram feed.

Like the singer, we’re totally on board with ladies letting their body hair go au natural — and dressing it up with dye, if that’s what you want to do. (Word to the wise, though: This plan does not always pair well with white tees. You’re buying a one-way ticket to stain city.) Throwing out the razor has long been a resistance tool among feminists who reject traditional definitions of beauty conflated with hairlessness, and it’s good to see such a high-profile star hop on that train.

There is, however, something about the juxtaposition of a doll that’s been long associated with unrealistic female body standards serving as a medium for feminist expression that doesn't quite sync up. More likely than not, Cryus — who, in her own photo, is wearing a headband that reads "Fuck Shit Up" — probably wasn't thinking that deeply about it. But, if she's going to get all riot grrrl on us, it might be worth looking at the nuances first. 

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