Kelly Osbourne's Signature Lilac Locks Just Got Upgraded

Now, it's a bit difficult to determine exactly what is going on in this snap from the star's Instagram feed. It looks a bit like a multilayered shave, with the section above being a bit longer than the bottom. But, it also appears as if the star has a super-short line etched into the buzzed section. (Damn you, hairstyle-accuracy-killing filters!) And, of course, it's impossible to see if the star shaved her other temple, as well.

Thankfully, we won't be in hair purgatory for long — Osbourne has promised to release more photos on her website later this week. But, obviously we can't wait that long to hear what you think! Tell us, readers: Are you on board with Lady Kelly's latest edgy hairstyle, or did she lose you at lavender?

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