7 Foolproof Dresses Your Wardrobe Needs

We totally get the appeal of a wardrobe based on dresses. There’s the throw-on-and-go ease — the one that reigns supreme for the laziest style fans out there — and just-touches-your-body comfort. But really, a frock with a clean silhouette is the perfect canvas for building a standout look. In other words, it can serve as a solo act but doesn't need to fly alone to be considered a staple in one’s closet year-round.

This is why we’re updating our own current dress stash with the seven styles ahead, stat. Compiled from American Eagle Outfitters' latest offering, these non-fussy, non-boring, no-brainer pieces are the answers to a wardrobe in seasonal flux. They represent some of the best bets when it comes to basics that stand alone and make for perfect accomplices to the leather jackets and tissue-thin turtlenecks you’re nearly ready to pull out of storage. Click on for the dresses you'll be living in until next summer rolls around.

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