5 Incredible Pies To Celebrate Pi Day

Yes, it's the freakin' weekend — and it's also Pi Day! To celebrate, I couldn't resist rounding up five of my favorite pies on the Internet (see what I did there?). Granted, the round treats aren't usually something I include in my diet, but when Pi Day rolls around, all bets are off. For me, today is gonna be a lazy Saturday, complete with a loose-fitting outfit and lots of bites of pies like these. And, I'm gonna love every second of it.
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Photo: Courtesy of Lily Shop.
Okay, this one is actually two cherry pies baked into a cake. Did your mind just explode? Mine did. The wizard behind this confectionary wonder is Jessie Jane of Lily Shop. She freely admits that this pie takes two days to make and is a "pain in the ass."

But, oh man, if you actually managed to bake this, just imagine the praise you would get! You really wouldn't have to do anything amazing ever again in your entire life (at least not in my book). You can scroll through the recipe for this incredible dessert here. I am in awe.
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Photo: Courtesy of Averie Cooks.
Are you still reeling from the discovery that there are different kinds of Girl Scout Cookies for each flavor? Me too. But, I'm thinking a slice of this Samoas Cookie Pie from Averie Cooks just might help me get over it.

While many pie recipes are fussy with multiple steps, this one seems pretty straight forward: It gets a cookie base, then you pile on broken-up cookies, chocolate, coconut, and salted caramel. What's better than a Girl Scout Cookie? A Girl Scout Cookie pie.

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Photo: Courtesy of Desserts For Breakfast.
This pie comes from a great blog I discovered recently called Desserts for Breakfast. It has a homemade spicy cheddar cheese crust with deep-fried mac'n'cheese balls buried inside the mac'n'cheese pie filling, with a lattice bacon top.

If I told you that I haven't fantasized about taking an open-mouth face plant in the middle of this pie, I'd be lying. Oh, and I feel it's also important to mention that this pie's name is Pie-La Deen (after Paula Deen).
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Photo: Courtesy of Crazy For Crust
I know this is so sadistic, but this Candy Bar Pie, from Crazy For Crust, made me realize that if/when I have kids, I can take all their Halloween candy, bake it into a blondie-brownie pie, give them a slice, then eat the rest myself. In theory, my kid(s) would be delighted that their mom made them a special, homemade treat out of their candy (best mom ever!), without realizing that it was all a part of a scheme to reap the benefits of all their hard work trick-or-treating.
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So, this mac 'n' cheese whoopie pie from The Vulgar Chef is kinda nuts, but I just had to share it — leaving it out would have been a major omission. I'll admit it looks kinda gross, but could it also be kinda good? Would you or wouldn't you take just one bite? I think I would. And, yes, the middle is cheese out of a can (when was the last time you had that?!).

The Vulgar Chef says, "this thing was cheesy as fuck. Just an overload of cheese." But, I love cheese, so I can't tell if that's an endorsement or a warning?