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Our New Site Obsession, Now 50% Off!

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    Last month we tipped you off to our new online obsession, L.A.-based AlleyCat Trade, and now we've got an unbelievable update to share: It's all 50% off!

    The fashion-savvy folks at R29's Reserve are slashing the prices in half on all of the site's swoon-worthy wares. Get in on the action fast because time's a-tickin' on the deal, with only 11 days remaining.

    Until now, this uber-chic e-tailer has remained under-the-radar, and before you know it, ACT will be the Next Big Thing on the 'net. With exclusive-to-the-U.S. designers like Alice McCall, Jacey Withers, and Magdalena Velevska, every piece on the site is super unique, and sure to catapult your closet into style overdrive.

    We cross our hearts, promise, and pinky swear that AlleyCat Trade will have you meowing for more! Don't believe us? Check out some of our favorite pieces after the jump...and then nab that Reserve before it's too late. We know we will!

    Photography: Courtesy of AlleyCat Trade.

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