AlunaGeorge: The Synth-Pop Duo That Met On Myspace

9_AlunaGeorgePhoto: Courtesy of Aluna George. Illustrated by Ammiel Mendoza.
A portmanteau of its founders first names, AlunaGeorge is the magical working friendship of a singer and producer. Comprised of George Reid's beguiling beats and Aluna Francis' voice, whose natural intonation sounds like a pitched-up Kanye West soul sample, the duo's debut album, Body Music, dropped earlier this year to a whole lot of fanfare. The two took a quick break from sound-checking at a South London club to chat about the record, its collaborative process, and each other's personal style.
Myspace Meetup
Francis: "We met on Myspace. George actually did a remix for my old band. We hit it off on the first day that we were in the studio together."
Reid: "It was very easy — so much fun. We just kept on writing. There was no real premise behind it. It was just music for the sake of music."
New Album
Reid: "It's been so nice to see the reaction. It's amazing to go into a festival and see people sing the words back."
Visually Speaking
Francis: "The set-up rule we live by [for stage shows and videos] is to keep it simple, so that the music can shine through with whatever we do."
Style Check
Francis: "George's style may come from his skater days — jeans that don't flap about all over the place and a good looking T-shirt.
Reid: "As for Aluna, I truly don't know what to say. I'm worried that I could get into trouble."
Francis: "He's looking at me now suspiciously." [laughs]
Reid: "How about 'just really, really good.'"

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