9 Natural Products That'll Change Your Life

Whether you’re an organic-or-bust kind of gal or you’re just starting to ponder the benefits of pesticide-free produce, chances are there are some all-natural products you’re just not convinced work as well as their conventional counterparts. Like aluminum-free deodorant. Or, cleansers that’ll supposedly disinfect your toilet with "essential oils." 

But, if the mayhem of Whole Foods’ parking lot and checkout lines on Sunday afternoons are any indication, all-natural options have come a long way — and some of the products you swore you’d never abandon (cough, clinical-strength roll-on) now have some organic competition that we’re betting will totally wow you. From sustainably made fashion that doesn’t involve wearing a hemp bag to home cleansers that work better than the chemical-laden bleach bombs, consider this your new go-to list for products that'll make you even more of an eco-warrior.      
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A Greener Cleaner
Sure, you could use hardcore chemicals to get rid of that layer of soap scum or bathroom grime, but what if we told you there's a better way to get just as clean without fumigating yourself? This microfiber cloth is so magical, you don't even need to use a cleanser. The fabric contains fibers that are 100 times finer than a human hair, which allows them to reach in and grab every last particle of dirt and grime without you having to pull out the big bleach- and ammonia-filled guns. All you need is some water and scrub.
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Gluten-Free Flour
Whether you’re a Paleo devotee or gluten-intolerant, you know that most wheat-free goodies aren’t exactly as tasty as their regular flour-filled counterparts. Plus, as anyone who’s ever tried to follow a gluten-free cupcake recipe knows, if you've ditched regular flour, it requires about 25 other ingredients to get an end result that even remotely resembles cake. That’s why Steve’s GF Flour Blend, which creates breads, brownies, and other baked goods, feels as though it's been sent by gluten-free goddesses.
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An Eco-Chic Line That’s Actually Chic
From bold graphics on billowy, open-back, cocoon coats to trousers you can wear everywhere, Study NY is our new favorite go-to for simple patterns that have a ton of character. The best part is that all of these items are made from zero-waste cutting and recycled textiles. So, before you scoff at the spendy price tags, know that the company’s goal is to design clothes that will last forever.
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The Safe Styler
For hair care, look to brands with a more natural approach, like Aveda. Right now, we're into its Smooth Infusion™ Naturally Straight. The lightweight styling creme has organic and plant-derived ingredients that help you coax curly strands straight when you feel like it. Don't worry, it's only temporary — those curly locks will bounce back after a few washes.

Aveda Smooth Infusion™ Naturally Straight, $26, available at Aveda.
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Reusable Mason-Jar Lids
You could spend money on fancy, BPA-free water bottles for those green smoothies you vowed to start whipping up for yourself every morning. Or, you could just buy one of these cute lids and turn one of the million mason jars you've hoarded into a cool to-go mug. It's great for green smoothies and iced coffee.
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A Natural Deodorant That Doesn’t Stink
Full disclosure: We’re not about to pretend using a deodorant that comes in a little pot isn’t the pits. In fact, it’s a messy pain in the ass that makes us want to reach for the paraben-filled roll-on any day. But, this one is worth the hassle. It was created by two besties in Philly who wanted to give up their conventional antiperspirants but couldn’t, because every natural deodorant they tried either left yellow stains on their clothes or left them reeking of BO. So, they made their own with a blend of 11 therapeutic-grade essential oils that fight underarm bacteria. Since it's all-natural, you won't mind having some on your hands.
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A Jitter-Free Java
Want a natural way to fall asleep faster once you've hit the hay? Bet you never imagined we’d tell you to have a cup of joe. The catch: It has to be this brew, which uses a special process that removes 99.9% of caffeine from the coffee. Plus, its key ingredient, organic valerian root, acts as a natural herbal sedative, making this the first coffee on the market that’s engineered to help you get a great night's sleep.
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Hemp-Free Slacks
With metallic sweatpants and sweater-like pashminas that are bigger than your couch, M.Patmos is the purveyor of comfy luxe designs that'll work just as well with sneaks as they would with your strappiest heels. When Marcia Patmos, cofounder of cult-favorite cashmere brand Lutz & Patmos, branched out on her own, she decided to put a big emphasis on using organic fibers, zero-waste technology, hand-knitting, and working with artisan women from various collectives around the world. The result: a stunning, award-winning collection that’s as conscious as it is fashionable.
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Peel-Off Polish
The formula is made with fruits and vegetables (yes, you read that right: ingredients include carrots, cherries, and spinach), which means it doesn’t have that nail-polish smell that stinks your S.O. out of the room. Even better, you don’t need polish remover once it starts to chip. Just soak your nails in warm water, and then peel it off. Sure, there aren't a ton of hues yet and the bottle looks like something your five-year-old niece would love, but hey, small prices to pay for lacquer this pure.
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A Homegrown Hot Sauce
Yes, we all love our Sriracha, but if you find yourself dousing everything with the hot stuff, you might want to consider a spicy alternative that is all-natural. Say hello to your new fridge staple: Aramingo. This vegan, non-GMO sauce is made using organic ingredients. Plus, it’s the first-ever hot sauce to use fat-blasting chia seeds as a thickener instead of gums, preservatives, or chemicals.