The "Groutfit" Is Fashion's New Term For A Very Specific Look

What is a groutfit, you ask? It's a simple equation, combining the word "gray" plus the word "outfit." As portmanteaus go, "groutfit" doesn't exactly roll off the tongue, nor does it sound especially desirable. We know what you're thinking — the gray sweatsuit from gym classes past, what one might don to tile the bathroom, or the airport outfit you wear when you feel sick but must. board. flight.

But the groutfit doesn't have to be all schlub and games. Turns out, we're in a perfect time to redefine the term. Head-to-toe monochrome looks fresh, not sterile, and 2014's athleisure trend isn't going anywhere anytime soon. In sum, with the right bit of styling, you can OWN these looks.

Click on through the slideshow to see the new take on groutfit staples and how to make them all yours.
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The Two-Piece Set
Forget the classic groutfit sweatsuit (for now). This all-gray two-piece option is a highbrow way to get in your all-grays, and look super put together while doing it.
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The Sweatshirt
A sweatshirt is a quintessential groutfit staple. And while there's nothing like a classic crewneck, if you're going groutfit, try an iteration with a silvery sheen to fancify your look.
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The Felt Shoe
Yes, if we're being technical (which we are), the ideal groutfit should extend from your head to your toes. When it comes to shoes, look for a badass pair of heels with some texture, like this felt option. Or if you're not about that heeled life, a felt sneaker will do the trick, too.
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The Overcoat
Go for a long overcoat to polish off an all-gray-everything look.
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The Sweatpant
Behold — the gray sweatpant — the godfather to the groutfit. Look for a pair with interesting details that you'll actually want to wear out of the house. Combine with a fitted sweater or tee to kick your basic sweats up a notch from #airportlooks.
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The Cap
The perfect way to (literally) top off your groutfit.
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The Midi-Skirt
Sometimes, when it comes to groutfits, the best option is to leave your pants at home. No, we're not telling you to go bottomless. We're telling you to take the monochrome look to a slightly more formal place via a midi-skirt. Try one with pinstripes to add a little extra flavor, and tuck in a fitted gray top. Voilà.
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The Fitted Tee
Because really, every updated take on the groutfit can benefit from a gray fitted tee.
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The Trouser
Sweatpants a little too casual for your life? Try a gray trouser instead. Bonus points for colorblocking.

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