A Private Tour Of Alexis Bittar's Brooklyn Height's Bachelor Pad

"Baby you were born this way." Never have lyrics entered our headspace quicker than Lady Gaga's can't-hardly-wait-for-spring anthem, which makes sense given their easy ability to be applied to any situation. Case becomes point with Alexis Bittar, who was clearly destined to become the iconic jeweler (F.Y.I., Bittar ranked as the number one jewelry brand for editorial coverage in 2010) he is today. Indeed, the 43-year-old gem master's DNA became apparent as early as 10, when Bittar started hawking flowers outside his parent's Bayridge home, a tradition he would repeat again during his college years—a party-hardy Bittar whipped-up cash selling handmade jewelry in Lower Manhattan. His signature lucite came into the mix in 1990, and a star was, well, born. From there, Bittar collabed with the likes of Barneys New York, Burberry, Patricia Field, Michael Kors, Lady Gaga (duh), The Cooper Hewitt Museum, and Jason Wu, along the way opening stores in New York, Chicago, L.A., and, launching tomorrow, San Francisco (oh, did we mention that Michelle Obama developed a slight Alexis obsession?). It really doesn't slow our jealous roll that the CFDA winner also happens to be a regulation stud, but we weren't exactly complaining after a private tour of his massive Brooklyn Heights townhouse. Inside, the aesthetic is as eye-catching as his look-at-me costume pieces, and don't blame us if we stopped for a minute (or three) inside the bedroom; according to this single dude, it's "where the magic happens." Think we're on the right track (baby)?
Click through to our photo gallery for a tour curated by our man crush himself!
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"My living room. There is a latex moon, which was cast from W.C. Field’s face and then used in a movie in the 1920s. I bought it with a good friend of mine, Rima Suqi."
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"Sitting in my living room—next to me is a wooden carved table from the 1880s. I’m wearing a sweater by Brunello Cuccinelli, jeans by A.P.C., and my favorite pair of New Balances."
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"My living room 'overhead' light—originally it was a '30s operating lamp. I got it at an antique shop."
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"A stone bust from the 1850s of a very demure young lady. Every week I go to the Chelsea Antique Centre on 26th Street (between 5th and 6th avenues)."
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"I dress pretty casually and this is me looking 'dressed up.' I’m wearing a shirt by Steven Alan."
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"Of many vignettes—there is a sterling statue from the 1800s of a Viking and a painting from the Barbizon School."
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"This picture looks like an optical illusion—there is a 3D deck of cards box on top of a Pietra Dura cigarette case, which is from the 1920s. It’s all stone inlay, including images of 'All Things To Smoke,' the box then sits on top of a 1950s Mosaic table."
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"A 1940s model used for display in a gun store. I bought it at the Armory Antique Show."
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"This is the top of a sterling trophy from the 1920s."
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"Sitting on the couch. Next to me is a painting of St. Sebastian from the 1930s. It was done by a gay artist, living in Germany pre-WW2 who survived the war, which was a miracle."
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"My dinning room table...as I have 'matured' I do love to play 'Papa Roma' and have dinner parties. There is a box of underwear in the corner—just in case."
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"A painting of a grandma knitting in the '30s. It gives me comfort to look at. She seems content."
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"Front angle of the dining room table. I collect a lot from the Wiener Werkstätte period. It still amazes me how revolutionary they were as designers."
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"A woman in mourning, painted in the late 1800s."
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"My kitchen where I become 'Papa Roma.'"
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"I found these cooking books from the 1930s that made me laugh. The titles are Out In The Kitchen and The Gay Kitchen."
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"My writing table in my bedroom. I bought this at Olde Good Things on 25th Street (between 6th and 7th Avenues). They have a great selection of antiques—but they are also a crazy religious cult."
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"Another vignette. There is an antique clock from the 1930s, surrounded by a Bauhaus ivory and sterling candle stick, and a sterling trophy."
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"Where the magic happens…."
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"This is an original painting used for World War II propaganda."
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"A medieval iron helmet I picked up in London on Portobello Road. It makes me feel like a butch warrior in the bedroom…."
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"What I didn’t get a chance to clean...There is one of my lucite bracelets my grandma gave back to me to repair and a pair of Moscot sunglasses."
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"Me going into a K-hole on my crackberry."
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"The view from my balcony. I love living in Brooklyn, there is just enough distance from the city—so I can relax."