10 Home Essentials To Keep In Stock So Your Airbnb Guests Will Love You

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Being a gracious host involves more than just changing your sheets and calling it a day — even if your guests are continent-hopping strangers. Any Airbnb host worth their weight in thumbs-up emojis will tell you that coordinating your guest's arrival is one thing, but doing your part to help them have the best vacation ever is a whole different ball game.

Obviously, the burden of their travel fun doesn't fall entirely on your shoulders. (Hopefully, their vacation plans don't hinge on how Instagrammable your place looked online.) But, it's important to make a good first impression. Whether Airbnb is your side hustle, or you're about to welcome your first guest — hell, even if you're just letting a friend stay the night — we've rounded up 10 home buys that are guaranteed to set the host bar high.
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Nothing says Welcome to my home! better than a greeting card — even better if it's a greeting card that knows what's up.
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Coffee and tea are universally adored (we think) and a nice mug is a great way to start international relations off on the right foot. Our condolences to your mismatched university mugs.
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Photo: Cooper Hewitt
You never know if your guests will spend less time on their iPhones than we Americans. Maybe they're French. A notepad by the door is a nice gesture in case someone needs to dash down a last-minute restaurant recommendation. It's also great for pictograms, in case you encounter a language barrier.
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Any good notepad demands a stash of pens, preferably color-coordinated.
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Photo: Cap Beauty
This rose and sandalwood aromatherapy mist has "grounding effects" for when you're "trapped in the concrete jungle." Spritz it on your bed linens before guests arrive for good energy — and a little extra assurance that they won't steal your sh*t.
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Photo: Kaufmann Mercantile
Everyone appreciates having creature comforts on hand, and these organic cotton towels are a luxe addition to any bath.
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Guests will easily find the crusty bottles of Herbal Essences we all know are hidden underneath your sink, so it's important to make a good first impression with a beautifully wrapped bar of soap.
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Photo: Nalata Nalata
Pro tip: Scented. Toilet. Paper.
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Girl, be honest. A highly visible, easily accessible plunger is literally the most important thing any houseguest could ever ask for.
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And, don't forget Band-Aids!