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18 Buys To Make Your Apartment Look More Expensive Than It Is

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    Gone are the days of heavy down comforters, defrosting by the radiator, and decaying Christmas trees. It's all about light throw blankets, thin linen curtains to let in the breeze, and citrus-scented candles that light up a room (and keep bugs at bay!). And man, do we welcome the change. That is, when we don't need to fork over a month's rent for it.

    In order to keep the budget light (well light-ish), the wallet heavy, and our abodes as chic and summery as possible, we called in Tom Dunn (of hot interiors shop, Overbey and Dunn) and Guini Suarez (of in-the-know firm Dekar Design) to serve up some home decor picks that will make your place look like a million bucksshhh, only we'll know the truth.

    Click through to see 18 home finds that are budget without looking low rent. Are you as obsessed as we are?

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