The Best Drugstore Makeup, According To Hollywood Makeup Artists

Brace yourself: We're only a few days past Halloween, and the holiday decorations are already going up. (Doesn't it feel like it was just summer?!) Before long there will be work parties, gatherings with friends, family dinners, and all types of other festivities to take part in, all leading up to New Year's Eve, a night that calls for the grandest look of the season.

Whether these events bring you waves of pure joy, pangs of dread, or something in the middle, there's no need to break the bank preparing. As we do with the start of every new season, we've rounded up the best drugstore products that will see you through the next few months.

Thanks to a few of Hollywood's most in-demand makeup artists, we've put together a collection of expert-tested red lipsticks, tried-and-true liquid liners, long-lasting shimmery shadows, and more — all for dirt-cheap prices. Happy holidays, indeed!
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Photo: Courtesy of Tamah Krinsky.
Artist: Tamah Krinsky
Clients: Alexa Chung, Allison Williams
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"A great red lipstick is a perfect accessory for the holidays. One of my favorites is Maybelline Siren In Scarlet. This is a bright and vibrant, creamy, matte red, and flattering to almost all skin tones."
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"Rose gold is universally flattering, and adds an instant festive feeling to your makeup! I love Nyx Baked Shadow in Ambrosia because you can apply it lightly as a wash, or layer it on for a bit more drama. It's also great layered over a darker color to add a little sparkle."
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"Liquid liner is great for a bold, but clean holiday look. I love Nyx's The Curve Liner because it's very easy to use. The shape makes it almost foolproof, and the formula is buildable. You can keep it really slim and tight along your lashline, or build on it for a more dramatic, bold liner."
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Photo: Courtesy of Mai Quynh.
Artist: Mai Quynh
Clients: Scarlett Johansson, Taylor Schilling, Emmy Rossum
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"You can give your skin instant holiday sheen with this luminizing powder. Just brush it onto your arms, legs, décolletage, above your cheekbones, and on the center of your nose. It will make your skin look ethereal and glowing."
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"This is the perfect holiday red lip color. It's not too bright and not too dark, so it will complement many skin tones. The formula is creamy and lightweight. Pair it with black, winged liner and voluminous lashes for added drama."
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Photo: Courtesy of Samuel Paul.
Artist: Samuel Paul
Clients: Olivia Munn, Tessa Thompson, Ashanti
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"I love to use this illuminator before foundation by applying it to the tops of the cheekbones, down the center of the nose, above the Cupid’s bow, and then any leftover product mixed into the foundation. For evening, I may do an additional layer of it after foundation to the high planes of the face, which’ll give a luminous glow under warm holiday-party lights. I like Pink Light for fair skin tones and Bronze Light for tan and darker skin tones."
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"These liners have a great sparkle quality and are easy to use. For fun occasions, I’ll either add a pop of liner to the inside corners of the eyes or a soft line across the eyelid. For something unexpected, I’ll dot the sparkle liner on the bottom lashline right below the iris."
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"I like to line the waterline of the eyes with this soft eyeliner, then squeeze the eyes shut to make them a bit sexy and smoldering."
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Photo: Courtesy of Kirin Bhatty.
Artist: Kirin Bhatty
Clients: Solange Knowles, Kiernan Shipka, Jessica Paré
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"This lip pencil goes on smooth and has a lot of punch, all while leaving a shiny finish. Plus, it makes the perfect application easy, without a lip brush! Go for a true red this holiday, like Lacquerized."
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"This color is perfect for the holidays and the finish is luxe. It's an easy way to get your metallic fix with an easy applicator. Try pushing it into the bottom lashline to really give yourself a gorgeous, glittery look."
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Photo: Courtesy of Carola Gonzalez.
Artist: Carola Gonzalez
Clients: Kerry Washington, Rashida Jones, Jaime King
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"This formula has a dual tip to create precise lines with one side and bold, thick lines with the other. Its glossy finish makes it perfect for the holiday season!"
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"Forever Platinum is a great shade to complement a smoky eye. You can highlight and brighten both the inner corners and the browbone, or simply use it all over the eyelid with a liquid liner."
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"Slate is a mighty metallic shade to have in your makeup kit for the holiday season. It easily glides on the skin, and can be used as an eyeshadow for a smoky eye."
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Photo: Courtesy of Quinn Murphy.
Artist: Quinn Murphy
Clients: Lily Aldridge, Freida Pinto, Karlie Kloss
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"CoverGirl Queen Collection Lip Color has some really beautiful hues for women of color. The colors are beautiful on medium to deep skin tones, with flattering shades and undertones. The formula is rich and moisturizing, and there's a large range to choose from."
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"This palette has 12 gorgeous matte, neutral eyeshadows that are the base for every eye-makeup design. They're high-quality, blendable, and well-pigmented."
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"Maybelline Great Lash Mascara is a classic for a reason. It makes it easy to go from natural to dramatic. But recently, I’ve been loving the Lots of Lashes version. It has a teardrop-shaped applicator, so you can use the pointed tip to really coat the inner, smaller lashes and the bottom lashes."
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Photo: Courtesy of Tina Turnbow.
Artist: Tina Turnbow
Clients: Keri Russell, Laura Prepon, Debra Messing
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"This mascara brush is very skinny and bendable, so you can really get to the root of the lash. It’s especially nice for blending single lashes and bottom false lashes into your natural lash."
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"This lash has a very natural look and is super-easy to apply. It’s lightweight, but still makes your eyes pop. To apply, close your eyes and dust your lashes with loose powder to help thicken them, while getting rid of unwanted oils."
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"Napa Vineyard is gorgeous, has amazing color saturation, and is affordable. I love the fact that the lip crayons allow you to both line and fill in the lip. You can take a little color and apply it to the cheeks to create a rosy effect, too!"
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Photo: Courtesy of Vincent Oquendo.
Artist: Vincent Oquendo
Clients: Gigi Hadid, Bella Hadid, Suki Waterhouse
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"I often use these lipsticks for red carpets because they have an excellent range of nudes that suits nearly every skin tone, and they're very creamy on the lips. My favorite colors are #370 Jennifer's Nude and #350 Freida's Nude."
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"I like to apply this product with a fluffy, dome-shaped eyeshadow brush. First, I apply at the lashline and blend up to the crease. I absolutely love this product for the holidays because it has a beautiful sparkle and it is long-wearing, so no worries about smudging or creasing. My favorite colors are #45 Bold Gold and #60 Silver Strike."
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Photo: Courtesy of Roz Music.
Artist: Roz Music
Clients: Emma Watson, Aubrey Plaza, Tilda Swinton
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"These lashes are like three individual lashes stuck together, so sometimes you just need a couple to jazz up your lashline. So easy and effective!"
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"A luxurious off-white is very cool for a winter mani-pedi...fresh white for the holidays!"
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