20 Father’s Day Gifts For Every Kind Of Dad (& Budget)

Every year Mother’s Day comes and goes, and then Father’s Day sneaks up and catches you by surprise. Not this time: 2015 is the year you’re going find dad something amazing (that you won’t have to pay overnight shipping for). And, conveniently, we’ve already done all the tedious finding for you.

Whether he loves the outdoors or re-organizing his record collection, whether he’s been a dad for 30 years or three months, we’ve rounded up gifts he’ll definitely appreciate. And while you can certainly splurge, we’ve got meaningful options that cost under $15, too.

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Photo: Courtesy of Diskeeper.
The Music Enthusiast
Whether it’s concerts, vinyl, or obsessively curated Spotify playlists, your dad takes music seriously. Leave the speaker and headphone-buying to him — he’s the audiophile, after all — and go for something that complements his music collection instead.

Budget: Diskeeper 2.0 Anti-Static Record Sleeves, $14
Face it: The paper sleeves protecting your dad’s favorite vinyl are one cough away from disintegrating into dust. Slip his records into these cheap but incredibly useful sleeves to keep lint from infiltrating all those music-producing nooks and crannies.
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Photo: Courtesy of Audio Technica.
Splurge: Audio Technica AT-LP120-USB, $250
While your dad still loves his vinyl, he’s also got a vast digital music collection. With Audio Technica’s USB turntable, you can listen to the tunes of yesteryear, and then rip them to MP3 so you’ve got them on your desktop or smartphone, too.
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Photo: Courtesy of GRID-IT.
The Neat Freak
A place for everything and everything in its place, for this guy. If tidiness and organization are priorities for your dad, these gifts will fit the bill.

Budget: GRID-IT Accessory Organizer, Medium $25
Reaching into your carry-on and pulling out a rat’s nest of cables is no way to start a flight. Keep cords, pens, and small electronics in order with Cocoon’s ingenious accessory organizer. The different-length elasticized straps will let dad organize accessories however he wants while keeping them secure at the same time.
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Photo: Courtesy of Sharper Image.
Splurge: Motorized Tie Rack, $50
Perhaps it verges on cheesy, but for a dad with an impressively large number of ties, a motorized tie rack could be just the thing to organize his collection. And, we imagine pressing a button to rotate this rack each day would be both fun and satisfying — a smaller, more professional version of Cher’s closet in Clueless.
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Photo: Courtesy of TempTraq.
The New Dad
Congratulations: You are now in charge of keeping a tiny human alive. No pressure. First-time parents need all the help they can get, so here are some thoughtful options — whether dad’s got a newborn or a question-filled preschooler.

Budget: TempTraq, $25
Help the exhausted, stressed-out new parent in your life by giving him one less thing to worry about. TempTraq is a 24-hour thermometer that you affix to your child to get continuous monitoring of his or her temperature through an iOS or Android app. No more frantically pulling out the thermometer when your kid gets sick — now you know definitively whether that's a fever or just a cranky kid.
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Photo: Courtesy of Osmo.
Splurge: Osmo Game System, $80
Kids growing up today will never know a world without touchscreens (weird, right?), but Osmo, a tablet-based gaming system, melds real-world and digital-world play. Dad and kiddo(s) can try to solve increasingly challenging puzzles, like Tangrams, by matching the real-world pieces to onscreen shapes. Other games animate what you draw on paper in order to solve challenges on the iPad’s display. iPad not included.
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Photo: Courtesy of Monowear.
The Tony Stark
Your dad lives for cutting-edge technology (and may or may not be bionic). You guys had the Internet back when your friends didn’t even have computers, and he’s constantly buying the latest gadgets. Here’s something he doesn’t already have — and will appreciate.

Monowear’s Silver Metal Apple Watch Strap, $100
If your dad is obsessed with his Apple Watch, grab him a new band he can attach to customize the look. Monowear’s Silver Metal stainless-steel band comes in three finishes: matte silver, polished silver, and matte dark gray. It ships mid-June.
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Photo: Courtesy of Canary.
Splurge: Canary, $250
Canary is a sleek, six-inch-tall 1080p home-monitoring camera that connects over WiFi and delivers real-time video alerts via your iPhone or Android phone. The camera has a 147-degree wide-angle lens and night vision, and it starts recording video when it detects motion. It’s easy to set up and gets smarter over time, so while it may think the sunrise is a “movement” at first, it’ll unlearn that after a week or so.
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Photo: Courtesy of TrackR.
The Corporate Traveler
He’s racked up serious miles flying across the country (and/or the world) for work. Here’s some gear that’ll help make his next trip less stressful and more comfortable.

Budget: TrackR Bravo, $29
Perfect for someone who constantly loses his keys (or glasses, or bag), the TrackR Bravo attaches to items (the tracker is about the size of a coin), and its accompanying smartphone app monitors where the object is located. You can tap the iPhone app to ring the TrackR device or locate your lost item via GPS.
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Photo: Courtesy of Plantronics.
Splurge: Plantronics Backbeat Pro, $250
Plantronics’ wireless, noise-canceling headphones will block out the din in the airplane cabin, so Dad can binge-watch Peaky Blinders in peace. The Backbeat Pro features a comfortable fit and stellar audio performance, and the set lasts 24 hours on a single charge.
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Photo: Courtesy of Parrot.
The Green Thumb
Plants in the garden are basically surrogate children to this dad. These gadgets will help save water and ensure the "kids" are healthy — even when Dad's not there to baby them.

Budget: Parrot Flower Power, $60
This twig-like device sticks into a pot, so you can wirelessly monitor the conditions of your favorite plant. Combined with the Flower Power app’s broad library of flora knowledge, it will notify you if your plant could use some water or fertilizer, or if it’s getting too much sun.
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Photo: Courtesy of Blossom.
Splurge: Blossom, $200
According to the EPA, as much as half the water we use outdoors is wasted. A device called Blossom combats that. It uses current weather data to more intelligently control your home sprinklers, so you’re not sending tens of gallons of water down the storm sewer. You can customize water patterns for up to 12 different zones in your yard, so your sun-loving tomato plants get the H2O they need while the succulents stay dry.
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Photo: Courtesy of Gecko.
The Grill Master
There is almost no type of meat this dad hasn’t slathered in sauce and grilled to tender perfection. For him, backyard barbecues aren’t just an event; they’re a way of life. And with these accessories, he can step up his grilling game even more.

Gecko Grip Gloves , $24
If your dad has forgotten that the grill is hot on more than one occasion, grab him these heat-resistant silicon BBQ gloves. They protect against temperatures up to 425 degrees, and they’re easy to clean: Just pop them in the dishwasher.
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Photo: Courtesy of iDevices.
Splurge: iDevices iGrill2 Bluetooth Thermometer, $95
If your dad is always striving for grilling perfection, the iGrill2 will help ensure consistent cooking every time. It includes two probes to make sure meat is grilled evenly all over. It’s got a 150-foot Bluetooth range, and the display unit has a magnetic mount so you can glance at the current cooking temperature on the barbecue itself (if you left your phone inside). The iGrill2 is especially convenient if Dad likes to grill through the winter — it minimizes how many times you’ve got to step outside and check on the meat.
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Photo: Courtesy of Polar.
The Weekend Warrior
This dad is constantly running marathons, doing triathlons, and riding centuries on weekends. We’re pretty sure he’s going to live to be 110, and will love these fitness-themed gadgets.

Budget: Polar H7 Bluetooth Heart Rate Monitor, $58
By tracking your heart rate data, you can start interval training to improve your fitness — or, if you’ve got a health condition, you can ensure you stay in a safe range. Polar’s heart rate monitor has a comfortable, hand-washable fabric chest strap. It transmits your ECG-accurate heart rate over Bluetooth, so it works with a variety of smartphones, apps, and bike computers.
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Photo: Courtesy of GoPro.
Splurge: GoPro HERO+ LCD, $300
If your dad is constantly telling you about the amazing things he saw on his last adventure, he needs a GoPro so he can show you. The HERO+ shoots 1080p and 720p video and 8 MP images, and it’s waterproof up to 131 feet. You can grab a separate GoPro mount for $20 to $60 extra.
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Photo: Courtesy of Motorbooks.
The Speed Racer
To your dad, there’s nothing better than cruising behind the wheel of a classic car — unless he’s zipping down the highway or around twisting mountain curves.

Budget: Speed Secrets: Professional Race Driving Techniques, $15
Professional race driver Ross Bentley shares his wisdom on race-driving technique in this informative, approachable book. Whether dad ever hits the track or not, the visualization techniques and cornering advice will teach him how to drive faster and safer (without violating traffic laws).
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Photo: Courtesy of Automatic.
Splurge: Automatic, $100
Automatic plugs into a car’s diagnostic port (hidden under the dash) and pairs with its mobile app to turn any car into a smart, connected vehicle. It tracks the details of every trip — such as distance, time, and MPG. Plus, it helps demystify problems when the check-engine light comes on, and helps you drive smarter and more efficiently, with real-time feedback on your driving habits (lead foot, much?). Bonus: The device also acts as a parked-car tracker. Just pull up the app, and you'll never have to ask "Dude, where's my car?"
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Photo: Courtesy of Cool One.
The Beer Lover
“Beer is proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy.” While Benjamin Franklin never actually said this quote, it doesn’t mean it’s not true. Here are some helpful tools for the beer lover in your life.

Budget: Beer Cooler (2 Pack), $25
There’s nothing worse on a hot summer day than grabbing a beer out of the cooler and realizing it’s still roughly the same temperature as the sweat rolling down your face. The Beer Cooler fixes that problem: It’s a cylindrical stick that you store in the freezer and place into a beer bottle to cool it down. It’s simple and easy to use, but it only fits long-neck beer bottles.
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Photo: Courtesy of Growler Saver.
Splurge: The Growler Saver, $60
If he likes buying growlers from the local brewery instead of endless bottles and cans, the Growler Saver will extend the life of said growler. Using a special cap, a CO2 cartridge, and a handheld injector, Dad can keep his homemade or store-bought brews from skunking before he's finished them all.