10 Grown-Up Versions Of Our Favorite Childhood Summer Treat

While we love popsicles year-round, there's something about summer heat that makes them irresistible. Even more so than ice cream, popsicles seem tailor-made for quick a cool down during a heat wave. And while we'll never stop loving Rocket Pops in all their glory, some days, we want something that also fits our slightly more advanced tastebuds. You know, maybe a little little more fruit and maybe even some coffee?
Ahead, ten slightly more grown-up ways to enjoy frozen treats this summer — whether you decide to add them to cocktails is totally up to you.
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Bewla's line of grown-up popsicles are made with teas and coffees, making its flavors both delicious and lightly caffeinated.

Brewla The Lifeguard, $7.99, available at NYC-area grocery stores and online.
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Made with real Greek yogurt, Yasso's line of frozen dessert bars include chocolatey and fruity options (and some that are both, like the new black raspberry chip).

Yasso Black Raspberry Chips, $6.49, available at Whole Foods.
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Leave it to Trader Joe's to know that adults and kids alike will love these layered pops.

Trader Joe's Fruit Frenzy Bars, $2.99, available at Trader Joe's.
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All of Chloe's popsicles are made from just three ingredients: fruit, water, and "a touch of cane sugar."

Chloe's Pops Strawberry Fruit Pop, $4.99, available at FreshDirect.
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GoodPops uses organic ingredients, as well as fair-trade certified coffee when it comes to its cold brew bar.

GoodPop Coldbrew Coffee, $5.99, available at FreshDirect.
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Galvanina's line of sorbetto pops are a cherished Italian tradition, and are still hand-made decades later.

Galvanina Lolly Sorbetto-On-A-Stick, $5.99, available at FreshDirect.
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If you would rather eat your juice frozen than drink it, this might be your perfect summer treat.

EatPops Activate, $4.86, available at Jet.
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For those who only take their pie à la mode.

JC's Pie Pops Caramel Apple Crumble, $5.96, available at Jet.
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Even freezies are grown-up these days. Made with organic ingredients, Sunday Cat's push pops are naturally vegan.

Sunday Cats 6 Pack, $6.29, available at Sunday Cats.
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Made with real cane sugar, R29's taste-testers were impressed by the flavor of Simply Popsicles, and the fact that the colors are a bit more muted also meant our lips didn't turn quite as an alarming color afterwards. Bonus: they still have jokes on the stick, too.

Popsicle Simply Popsicle Strawberry Raspberry, $4.89, available at Target.