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Signs You've Got A Grown-Up Beauty Routine

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    A one-size-fits-all beauty regimen obviously doesn’t make sense. There’s just too much glorious diversity for us all to do the same stuff for our hair, skin, makeup, and nails. (And, really, how boring would that be?) But, we will say this: As varied as our individual approaches to beauty may be, there are a few common signs that you’re a grown-ass woman with a well-considered beauty routine to match.

    These are the things that separate the women from the girls, as it were. It’s not necessarily about spending more money on luxe creams, nor is it about siphoning a sense of playfulness from your beauty outlook. Instead, it’s proof that you know not only who you are but what it takes to keep yourself looking so dang fine.

    So, without further ado, we present 29 signs that your beauty routine is all grown up — even if you're still struggling with that whole "being an adult" thing.

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