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10 Actresses Who Stretched Their Music Chops

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    Mastering the art of transitioning from actor to musician takes a certain image switcheroo, a relatively underground project, and maybe the help of the Disney Channel. (Seriously, the Disney kids seem the most adept at finding their footing in both the music and acting industries.)

    Some, like Taylor Momsen, have made that transition look like a cakewalk. Others, like Tyra Banks and Kate Winslet, would most likely prefer their musical forays to remain (ahem) unheard. But, in the Age of the Internet, remaining "unheard" is really out of the question.

    That isn't to say the following women failed at their attempts at music careers. Leighton Meester's folk career really should have taken off, and Jena Malone's band is still too under-the-radar to really say. But, these actresses have tried (and/or still are trying), and that's what really counts, eh? If anything, it's a check off on the good ol' bucket list. There ain't nothin' embarrassing about that.

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