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With Abacaxi, Fruit & Jewels Pair Off

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    Not one of the lucky ones who got to hop a flight to an exotic locale this holiday season? No biggie — your escape is just a few clicks away. Really. Just take a peek at these brilliant, eye-popping photos of traditional Indian jewelry artfully shot on fresh, tropical fruits by photographer Lauren Baker for line Abacaxi.

    Of course, while the produce isn't for sale, the stunning jewels certainly are. Culled during Brooklyn-based designer Sheena Sood's travels through India to research her latest spring '14 line, this collection (which takes its name from the Portuguese word for pineapple) channels the tropics from India to Ecuador, Brazil, and back.

    This vibrant clothing line will be on offer this spring, and we can't wait to check back in and scoop up some bold, hand-embroidered frocks manufactured right here in NYC. In the meantime, though, we'll be helping ourselves to the jewelry bazaar live on the Abacaxi site now. After all, whether you're heading to the tropics this very moment or just taking a stroll down the block, you may as well be dripping in gems — a sure upgrade no matter your geographic coordinates.

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