6 Fashionable April Fool's Pranks

You can't believe everything you hear, especially today. Just like every April 1st, the fashion world's pranksters have rolled out gotcha gags including exclusive deals on hipster must haves, unicorn accessories, and eau de wet dog. Bound to bring a smirk to the lips of even the most hardened PR maven, here are some of our favorite fashion-related jokes of the day.
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Groupon Deal On Lensless Hipster Glasses

A Groupon-like site for hipster bargain hunters offers lenseless frames perfect for that L train to Lorimer look. At under $20, it's a great deal... so good we almost bought in. Someone out there really's got our number.
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Rebecca Minkoff Unicorn Collection

Offering designer items embellished with genuine unicorn hair, spiral horn, and a touch of magic, this press release was a My Little Pony dream come true. Alas, the Minkoff unicorn collection is not real (turns out, after some research unicorns don't actually exist—hmph). And we so had our hearts set on Prancing Pouch Set.
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Wet Dog Perfume

The English papers are known for taking a joke far further than their American peers. Take the Telegraph's report that online sales of "Eau De Mutt", a perfume made to smell like a wet dog, are soaring as consumers have become increasingly pooh-obsessed. One imaginary customer states that she uses the scent of mutt to comfort herself upon leaving her beloved fido at home. For anyone who wants to smell like soaked canine, the day has finally come.
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Ecko Discount Tattoo

This hilarious April Fools' joke re-establishes Marc Ecko's sensationalist reputation. Get tatted, so the joke goes, with one of two tattoos on Ecko's website and receive a 20% discount on Ecko gear for life! Now if you need a 20% discount that badly, Animal New York suggests a much easier option.
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Official Army Stetson Hat

Even the Army likes to get in on the fun! The all-American classic, Stetson, is now the official hat of Infantrymen everywhere... or maybe it isn't. For those who still want to believe the Stetson-Army alliance is for real (and wouldn't it be wonderful?), the Army's official adoption date of the Stetson will be next April 1, 2012. And if you believe that, we've got some savory doughnuts to sell you.
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FCUK's Kitten Couture

Behold the French Connection For Cat Collection, just in time for April Fool's. This FCUK ad ran in today's British newspapers, encouraging readers to keep their felines "bang on trend." The kitty couture prank is also online via an adorable, if slightly creepy, Youtube video starring the diminutive felines and their Man. Personally, we don't really see the joke here. We've always been down for cat couture.