The ONLY 10 Under-$100 Items You Need

In an ideal world, our wardrobes would function like a championship team — we'd have a curated selection of just a few badass, strong players pieces that could work in any situation. Got a party? Have to go to work? Are you hanging out on a Sunday? Check, check, and check — our top 10 look fly every time.

In reality,
however, our closets can be a scary place. There is clutter everywhere. We open the doors and voila, ghosts of seasons past creepily stare back at us, alongside items we keep around just in case we get invited to that black tie gala or if we happen to spontaneously head to the south of Italy.

While you might find yourself on an impromptu Roman holiday (fingers crossed), it's still time to buckle down and get real. In the name of a mean, lean wardrobe, we've gone ahead and done all the dirty work for you. In the slideshow ahead, you'll find the only 10 items you could need for almost any situation. The best part? They're all under $100. Get it, girl.
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The Live-In Jeans
We all need a pair of jeans we feel like we could live in if we were given no other option. And since raw hems — and a slightly cropped flare — are all the rage this season, these jeans can handle all the punches life throws your way.
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The No Fuss Crossbody
Crossbody bags are a must, because they leave your hands free to get down to business. Since we're all about efficiency, we're fans of any purse that lets us hold onto that latte and send that last email while we traverse the city streets.
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The Day-To-Night Heel
Find yourself asking what the point of a pair of heels you cannot walk comfortably in is? Well, we have the answer: There is no point. Instead, equip yourself with a heels that look rad and will do the walkin' while you're doing the talkin' — all day and all night long.
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The Fitted Turtleneck
As temperatures start to cool down, a fitted black turtleneck will become your best friend. It coordinates with anything you already have in your closet — your favorite jeans (see slide 2), a comfortable pair of trousers (see slide 6), a skirt (see slide 8), under a dress (see slide 10), or even under another sweater. If there's one thing to buy this season, it's this.
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The Dress It Up, Dress It Down Midi-Skirt
If you're buying just one midi-skirt, go for one that sits on the fancier side of the fence. It's not hard to dress it down with a pair of sneakers and your favorite T-shirt, and has you looking cool on a night on the town.
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The Comfortable Trouser
Suiting is a big trend this fall. The easiest way to join in? A great pair of trousers. The key? Opt for ones that veer slightly on the baggier side — they'll be comfortable as a throw-on sub-in for your jeans over the weekend, but they're fancy enough that you can still wear 'em to work the next day.
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The Walk-Everywhere Loafers
Walking to work? Walking to get drinks with friends? We don't really care where you're walking to, but you'll definitely need a pair of flat shoes that look — and fit — the part, no matter where you go.
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The Versatile Top
This blouse is truly versatile — the silhouette lends itself to fancier occasions, while the ribbed material feels casual. Basically, this top can act like your passport — tuck it into jeans as a T-shirt substitute when you're running around or style with a skirt to dress things up. Talk about a major player in your closet.
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The Non-LBD
Forget the little black dress! First of all, you probably already have one. Second, there are dresses that can be just as multipurpose, without being black. Try this suede number, for example — it's a fantastic throw-on that makes the idea of putting on a dress in the morning a little more fun.
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The Throw-And-Go Jacket
Jackets shouldn't take a lot of brainpower — you have more important things to think about. Go for a statement that finishes off your look, but will be an easy throw-on with ultimately anything in your closet at the same time.

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