Selena, Adele, & 23 More Artists Have New Albums

What new tunes do we have to look forward to this fall? Let's see... There's a One Direction album that might be its last (history tells us that boy bands who take a "hiatus" rarely return), as well as potential breakthroughs from Demi Lovato and Ellie Goulding (both records feature Max Martin songs that could push the singers to the next level of pop stardom). Selena Gomez drops her sexy, grown-up new album in October. After many years outside the spotlight, Janet Jackson and TLC are both back. And we may finally get long-awaited new material from Frank Ocean, Kanye West, and Rihanna. In what is apparently good news to a large number of people out there, Justin Bieber will also release a album. Yay?

Indie and underground artists including Peaches, Grimes, Tink, M.I.A., and Alessia Cara have also been busy in the recording studio, as have Lana Del Rey and Drake. Click through for a preview of all the big releases coming this fall. Your headphones are about to get a major refresher.
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Alessia Cara
Know It All (September)

One of the summer’s biggest breakouts — endorsed by Taylor Swift, no less — will release her debut album, Know It All, this fall. If you’ve heard “Here,” or her “Bad Blood” cover, then you know this is great news. Her EP, Four Pink Walls, dropped August 28, and has upped the anticipation for more old-soul/alternative-pop/R&B tunes from the 19-year-old Canadian.
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Leona Lewis
I Am (September 11)

The X-Factor U.K. winner has abdicated her spot on Simon Cowell’s record label in favor of joining Def Jam. She told Sirius XM that she made the jump after Cowell suggested she do yet another covers album when she was ready to do originals. She has said that she’s now at a place where “artists can really flourish and are encouraged to express themselves.” Her sassy single “Fire Under My Feet” is nothing like the sappy “Bleeding Love”-style singles responsible for her breakout, although “Thunder” and “I Am” are very much in that vein. Lewis may have needed to change her surroundings to feel free, but all indications are that her newfound freedom isn’t drastically changing her music.
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Lana Del Rey
Honeymoon (September 18)

Forget summertime sadness: In 2015, Lana Del Rey is going for a forlorn fall. The singer of beautiful torture returns in mid-September with her third album, which will explore (surprise!) the darkness of the human condition, all things West Coast, and the submissive side of being in a relationship. Lana’s slow-eyed mix of sex and noir aesthetics reaches new levels of languor on “High by the Beach,” and the title track, “Honeymoon,” takes aim at the hipsters who have been questioning her authenticity. It will be interesting to see who else Lana targets with her lyrics.
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Caracal (September 25)

These British brothers are not trying to shake off their reputation as the guys who introduced the world to Sam Smith with “Latch.” They’ve already doubled down and released an excellent single, “Omen,” that features his vocals. They’re also not trying to get away from their reputation as important innovators in dance music: Many expect Caracal to be the album that puts them in the trendsetting company of artists like Daft Punk and SBTRKT. Though they dropped the dance-floor anthem “Bang That,” which is all about workin’ and twerkin’, they’re also toiling away on a multi-part visual odyssey of music videos with Ryan Hope. So basically, these guys are the fun intellectuals of EDM, here to blow your mind.
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Rub (September 25)

If you're not already schooled in the teaches of Peaches, it's time to get educated. Raunchy only scratches the surface of her lyrics, and with Rub, she’s also getting political. Between dissing Ayn Rand and sycophants who live off of other people’s drink tickets, she puts female sexuality at the forefront of her message. She’s been doing just that for over a decade, but it’s a stance that’s a little more popular now that ladies like Charli XCX and Broad City’s Ilana Glazer and Abbi Jacobson are taking up the cause. What critics called “nasty” a decade ago is now simply empowered. Peaches co-produced the album with Vice Cooler, crafting everything from the sick beats to the dope rhymes. This Canadian-by-way-of-Williamsburg (with a pitstop in Berlin) former electro-clash queen has managed to run a lap around her old scene, skip getting sucked into the EDM cesspool, and come out looking like the leader of the sexually empowered pack.
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Every Open Eye (September 25)

You can expect Lauren Mayberry, Martin Doherty, and Iain Cook to stick to synths and dark places for their second album. All indications are that the only change the band is making to its signature sound is stripping it down even more — after being inspired by the sparse but stunning work of producer Quincy Jones on Michael Jackson’s ’80s albums. The songs were written during the trio’s two-year tour in support of their debut album, and were recorded in the same studio space in Glasgow where they’ve created all their music. If you loved it the first time, you’re likely to enjoy it again.
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As yet untitled (October)

It’s been over two years since Grimes (a.k.a. Claire Boucher) released her critically acclaimed breakout album Visions, which ignited a fierce following for the queen of self-made electronica. Like many other artists, she hasn’t set a solid release date for her new album. But she did let out a few concrete details on Twitter in May, including that her new tracks use "real instruments" to create music that’s "very different from anything previous." As Fader's August/September cover star, Boucher also spoke in depth about her artistic process, and railed against the sexism she's faced in the music industry.
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Selena Gomez
Revival (October 9)

She may call it a revival, but Selena Gomez’s new album positions the former Disney star, now 23, as a grown woman, with an eye toward attracting a more mature audience. Working with songwriting team Julia Michaels and Justin Tranter, Gomez has been deeply involved in the composition process this time around. The music is more in the direction of hip-hop and R&B, without losing her trademark pop undertones. Expect many more mid-tempo sexy jams like “Good for You,” as well as some bombastic radio singles.
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Joanna Newsom
Divers (October 23)

It’s been five years since Newsom’s last album, Have One on Me, and fans who wonder what she’s got up her sleeve can rest assured that the quirky chanteuse is still playing with underutilized sound textures created by overlooked instruments (mellotrons, marxophones, and Moogs are promised). Newsom has also tied the knot (to former SNL cast member Andy Samberg). She promises that “marital lullabies” will also rear their head on the track list.
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Carrie Underwood
Storyteller (October 23)

This American Idol alum isn’t resting on her laurels; she’s following up this year’s greatest-hits album and the birth of her firstborn with new music. Underwood co-wrote six of the songs on the new record, including the first single, “Smoke Break,” which might have brought her more controversy than she anticipated with its pro-tobacco message. But her stellar voice is in fine form on the track, and fans can expect at least one song to be about her son, Isaiah.
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25 (November)

After five long years, the woman with the amazing voice who made us all cry is finally ready to release the follow-up to her much lauded album, 21. That record was all about a painful breakup, but this one reflects a different Adele — one who’s happily married and enjoying motherhood. We’re anticipating a less angry Adele this time around, so if there are tears, they will likely be of the joyful, grateful variety. The singer worked with new folks on the production and writing side for 25, including pop impresario Max Martin and Gnarls Barkley producer Danger Mouse, in addition to old favorites like Ryan Tedder, who co-wrote “Rumor Has It.” Expect this album to be on repeat for at least the next year.
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Charlie Puth
Nine Track Mind (November 6)

The songwriter and singer of arguably the biggest song of 2015, “See You Again,” is dropping a debut album that might just get stuck in your head until 2016. What could have been a one-hit wonder has turned into a bona fide phenomenon as his second single, “Marvin Gaye,” with Meghan Trainor, is slowly taking off. Will the NJ-native’s debut album be more Jersey Boys-style, or will it keep a toe in hip-hop? With no track list available yet, it’s hard to say, but as Puth recently told The Daily Beast, “[T]here will always be a little hip-hop in Charlie’s music. You can quote me on that.” Done.
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Justin Bieber
As yet untitled (November 13)

It’s been about three years since the Biebs’ last round of new music. But we’re promised a new album by Thanksgiving that hopefully won’t be a turkey (ho!). In 2015, Bieber has collaborated with Diplo, Skrillex, Mariah Carey, Austin Mahone, and maybe even Kylie Jenner. The guy has a lot of famous friends, and almost any of them could pop up on his new LP. Of his lead single, “What Do You Mean?,” Bieber told Ryan Seacrest, “Girls are often flip-floppy. They say something, and then they mean something else. What do you mean?... I don’t really know, that’s why I’m asking.” It’s Bieber, on a learning curve.
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One Direction
As yet untitled (date TBD)

The heat is on for the biggest boy band in the world as they prepare to release their first album without founding member Zayn Malik. The guys have been working on their songwriting, especially Harry Styles, who has been composing with Meghan Trainor and John Legend. With every album, the guys say they’re going for something different, but their lead single on this one, “Drag Me Down,” is actually distinct from the band’s past material. We won’t lie: It’s got us hungry to hear more — especially since it’s not clear how many more One Direction albums there might be after this one.
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Ellie Goulding
As yet untitled (date TBD)

Ellie Goulding made huge creative strides between her first and second albums. It seems she aims to do the same for her third, all while creating a slew of hits. She’s revealed studio collaborations with producers Joel Little (Lorde), Greg Kurstin (Kelly Clarkson), Max Martin (Taylor Swift) and Diplo, as well as her previous producer, Jim Eliot. Those names are behind some of the biggest hits of the last 10 years. Is total Ellie Goulding domination up next?
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Kanye West
SWISH (date TBD)

Will he or won’t he? That’s the question everyone has been asking about SWISH since rumors started swirling about the album being finished. While Theophilus London has been tweeting to the world that the record is done and that Kanye has been playing it for people, Mike Dean (one of the producers) says it’s not finished until Ye says so. From the mouth of Yeezy, you can expect SWISH to be more accessible than Yeezus: Way back in January he played some new tracks for radio programmers, including another Rihanna duet, and told them, “Of course I want to be on the radio!” But don’t think he’ll do anything anyone else’s way. We all know how seriously Ye takes his role as an innovator.
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Janet Jackson
Unbreakable (date TBD)

Ms. Jackson is back with her first album in seven years — and she's already rolled out a tour to go with it. She’s bringing something old — in the form of her longtime production team Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis — and something new — in the form of collaborations with current artists. Perhaps you noticed she got J. Cole on the lead single, “No Sleep”? That savvy pairing yielded her a hit song right off the bat on urban radio. To top it off, Janet has launched her own record label, Rhythm Nation. And we thought she was in control before.
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As yet untitled (date TBD)

Mr. Graham dropped the mixtape If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late in February. But all it did was work up our appetite for the next album. His latest is expected to drop sometime in Q4. It’s kind of killing us. If Drizzy has time to make diss tracks for Meek Mill, surely he has the bandwidth to put out a new volume. Until then, we’ll just be watching this 14-minute music video for “Jungle,” one of the tracks.
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Sky Ferreira
Masochism (date TBD)

In April, Sky Ferreira announced the title of her new album — and that’s about all she’s given so far. She confirmed on Twitter her follow-up to 2013’s Night Time, My Time will be called Masochism. But she’s said zilch about a release date, so we’re left tracking her social media for news. In early July, Ferreira shared the single “Guardian,” which appears to be the first track off Masochism. She also cited poor health for a “delay” in releasing the album. But, now that we’re seeing people tweeting #MasochismSquad, we're guessing the drop is nigh.
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R8 (date TBD)

Between “4, 5 Seconds,” “American Oxygen,” “BBHMY,” “Higher,” “A Night,” and “James Joint,” we’ve probably heard more than a third of Rihanna’s next album. In the three years since she released Unapologetic, Riri has been rumored to have worked with DJ Mustard, Jeff Bhasker, Alex da Kid, Stargate, Sia, Kiesza, and, of course, Kanye West. How many of those tracks will actually make it onto the album is unclear. Ne-Yo seems to have heard it (and possibly worked on it?) and has promised that we’ll like it. We’re betting that means there will be some of those Rihanna ballads you love (remember, Sia wrote “Diamonds”) and bangers you want (that’s where DJ Mustard and Stargate come in).
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Frank Ocean
Boys Don’t Cry (date TBD)

Could we call this album “much delayed”? Reps for Frank Ocean promised it would be out in July, but the month zoomed by with no new music. Nothing came, and Frank has maintained radio silence while the world anxiously awaits the follow-up to his groundbreaking 2012 album. The only clues we have are that Ocean will drop a new magazine called Boys Don’t Cry in tandem with the album, and that he’s clad in head-to-toe racing gear on the cover.
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As yet untitled (date TBD)

Yes, TLC is back. And while no reunion will be the same without Lisa "Left Eye" Lopes (who died in 2002), Rozonda 'Chilli' Thomas and Tionne “T-Boz” Watkins have raised $430,255 on Kickstarter to launch what they’re calling their final album. There’s no title or release date yet, but Kickstarter is estimating delivery of the digital album by September 2015. TLC is involving fans with the promise of all sorts of rewards (from signed lyrics to a photo shoot with TLC) in exchange for contributions. Will the duo make this month’s deadline? While we wait, we’ll content ourselves with "No Scrubs," "Waterfalls," and the 2013 track "Meant to Be."
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#ThinkTink (date TBD)

When Timbaland, the man who developed R&B legend Aaliyah’s signature sound, said Aaliyah came to him in a dream and encouraged him to work with up-and-coming Chicago artist Tink, he laid a heavy crown on her head. The duo has been working together on her debut album since late 2014, dropping little nuggets here and there that are working us into a frenzy to hear more — especially the track she recorded with Missy Elliott. From what we’ve heard, the full album will feature the signature style associated with late-‘90s production from Timbaland, plus tongue-twisting rhymes by Tink. And as for themes, Tink told MTV she’s down with being a role model, saying, “I take it as my responsibility, sometimes, to be the person who has the voice to give people some truth about what we’re doing.”
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Gwen Stefani/No Doubt
As yet untitled (date TBD)

You could break your fingers searching the internet for information on Gwen Stefani’s delayed 2015 album and/or whether or not No Doubt is dropping new music in 2015. The group did tour all summer, playing music festivals across the U.S., and promised Billboard that its next album will be “experimental.” But, have they been recording and keeping it on the DL? Maybe. Meanwhile, that solo album with Pharrell that Gwen was talking up around the end of 2014 still hasn’t materialized. Is it sitting on the record company’s shelf for a 2015 holiday surprise release? Maybe. We’re dying to hear either, or both, ASAP.
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Matahdatah (date TBD)

Always one for raising consciousness — usually amid a hearty storm of controversy — M.I.A. will take listeners on a tour of parts of the world rarely acknowledged by the privileged West. The audio-visual project "Matahdatah Scroll 01 ‘Broader Than A Border,'" released July 13, featured two new songs and focused on India and Côte d'Ivoire, and included an invocation of Matangi, the Hindu goddess of music and learning. The album will likely roll out in installments like this; M.I.A. told Rolling Stone that there are 10 more countries to come.