9 Of This Season's Most Devastatingly Hot Ad Campaigns

Let's be honest: These days, who really wants to stop in at Louis Vuitton just because some splashy Sprouse display beckoned to them from behind the gleaming glass? But nonetheless, a certain number of fall's picture-perfect ads have lured us into an almost hypnotized state--you know, one in which we find ourselves compulsively reaching for our wallets or digging like madwomen into our already deeply-deprived bank accounts. We're talking about images so alluring that we've found it hard to turn away. If you, too, are ready to triple the wants on your wish-list, go on and take a peeksie at our favorite ad campaigns of the season.
Kate Moss for Just Cavalli: Most Ambivalent Male Model Pose Next To The World's Hottest Supermodel
Um, could this guy look any less excited to be rubbing abs and shoulders with the most attractive woman on the planet? On another note...we will figure out a way to make our eyes smolder like Kate's. We will we will we will.
Kristen McMenamy for Lanvin: Best Use of Cat As Fashion Prop
In our ideal world, we will be wearing that insane jeweled collar Kristen is rocking, or else the delightful, ultra-luxe fur coat. But it's good to know that if all else fails, at least we can hoist a black cat over our shoulders and look every bit as stylish as Kristen in our H&M duds. Non?
Irina Kulikova and Kasia Struss for Mulberry: Best Display of Hair as a Primal Force of Nature
We wouldn't typically think of toting Mulberry's luscious candy-colored bags to the forest lest they get eaten, but with hair this big, we'd be able to fend off anything, nasty wolves and all.
Linda Evangelista for John Galliano: Best Rendition of an American in Paris
We always imagined our years spent studying abroad in Paris looking like this…minus Linda's cheekbones, cat eyes, and that thousand-dollar skirt she's wearing.
Natasha Poly for Jil Sander: Brightest Glowing Halo in a Dark, Dark World Jil Sander's signature brand of minimalism is perfect for our here dark times, and, like the thousand-dollar light at the end of our bleak economic tunnel, the clothes take on an almost angelic, otherworldly glow. So beautiful we'll ignore the glaring ironies, for now.
Taylor Warren for Tiger of Sweden: Coolest Downtown Girl Doing Her Best Uptown Lady
Taylor Warren is one of our favorite omnipresent downtown girls, but her classic beauty lends her a decidedly aristocratic air. Now don't get us wrong: Tiger of Sweden is more Topshop than Barneys, but Taylor makes their duds look so rich you would never be able to tell.
Dorothea, Madisyn, Nimue, and Viktoriya for Alberta Ferretti: Best Remake of an Enchanted Fairytale
This ad confirms our lingering belief that models don't actually read since pages are flying around rather than being flipped. But the scenery does remind us of something out of Narnia—enchanting.
Jennifer Connelly for Balenciaga: Most Awkward Pose
We get that Connelly is, for reasons unknown to us and the rest of the world, Ghesquiere's new muse. But this ad makes a pretty clear case for why modeling should be left up to the professionals. But despite it all, we still crave the clothes (ah, the power of Balenciaga): The ribbon-tie ankle boots, that perfect draped skirt.
Hannah, Ilda, and Mimmi for Miu Miu: Best Post-Katie Holmes Comeback
Taking a note from Prada's similarly dreary ad campaign, Miu Miu loses the bright colors and big-name celebrities for a refreshingly different take on their fall wares. The end product looks half nerd-chic, half old-school glamour. Do you like the departure, or are you craving Kirsten in her good-girl-gone-bad skirt get-up again?

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