Our Plus-Size Fashion Resource!

For years, designers and editors have focused on a specific demographic of thin women, overlooking the many big and beautiful fashionistas among us. If there's anything we've learned from magazine editorials, it's that the fashion world can occasionally be out of touch with reality. Don't get us wrong, we think Ragnhild Jevne wearing armadillo shoes in the desert is awesome, but we take issue with the fact that average American women have historically been underrepresented in fashion. Thankfully, things are beginning to change. With designers like Michael Kors and Mark Fast hiring plus-size models, and industry leaders Anna Wintour and Natalia Vodianova participating in a dialogue about fashion's fixation on an unhealthy aesthetic at Harvard last month, there has never been more light shed on the issue. Add to that Vogue Italia's new online section, Vogue Curvy, and a slew of print editorials featuring full-figured girls in magazines like V and Interview , we have nothing but optimism about positive changes-to-come in the industry. That's why we're excited to feature some of the people and places who have been working hard to represent real women. Below are some of the best blogs and e-commerce sites by and for curvy style mavens.
Best Plus-Size Blogs
San Francisco native J. doesn't shy away from eye-catching fashion. From sequined blazers and super-high heels to cage skirts and harem pants, J.'s tried them all and falls in step with the savviest style-stars on the web.
Whether it's an extreme cat-eye or tights that look more like cobwebs than hosiery, Gabi at Young Fat And Fabulous demonstrates how to go bold with colors and prints the right way. Plus, how amazing is her hair? We're dying for a pomp like hers.
There are certain things that plus-size girls have been told won't look good on them, and Sakina of Saks In The City blows all that hogwash away with her expertly styled outfits. Study wisely and you can make tapered trousers and loose-fit tops look infinitely chic, too!
Ashley Falcon pens Marie Claire's Big Girl In A Skinny World column where she details her life in the fashion industry. Read up for styling advice, shopping roundups, and anecdotes that will put a smile on your face and a new outlook on your wardrobe.
Best Plus-Size Shops
ASOS Curve—Sizes 20-26
The newly launched ASOS Curve extends the on-trend and affordable pieces of ASOS to a larger size run. From runway favorites to all the edgy silhouettes of the season, Curve has got anything you want (and now, in any size you need!).
Evans—Sizes 14-32
Brit-boutique Evans stocks feminine separates that don't feel too saccharine and in shapes and cuts that will outlast the season. Stock up on fitted jackets, sweet dresses, and printed tops that will add some zest to your wardrobe.
Anna Scholz—Sizes 12-28
Looking for a piece for that special occasion? Anna Scholz carries dresses, tops, and bottoms that are classic enough to wear year-to-year, but all have that sumpin' special that keeps things interesting.
Boutique Larrieux—Sizes 12-24
Carrying great indie labels from plus-size designers, Boutique Larrieux is a carefully curated shop filled with elegant yet slightly off-beat styles that are guaranteed to make some head turns. Our pick: That batwing poncho—how amazing would it look with a pair of cropped pants and ballet flats?

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