Unexpected Fall Color Trends To Know Now

You can probably rattle off all the usual autumnal colors with ease. They are the ones you see on trees, or in patches, or a horn of plenty. But, for 2014, it's time to think outside the harvest.
While first previewed on the Fashion Week runways in February, the shades that will be this year's oxblood — yes, you remember all the oxblood — are bright, saturated, and have an elegant luster. Most importantly, they're already available to buy.
For a closer look at the new hues, we turned to the fall '14 campaigns and rounded up the eight most striking, and most unexpected, shades you're about to see everywhere.
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Photo: Courtesy of Versace.
Much like the condiment, fall's version of red is dense. As seen in the Versace ads, this rendition is close to a true red, undiluted with tinges of orange or purple. Basically, it's the ultimate power color. If you're not quite ready to let it rule your entire ensemble, start with bright, color-rich accessories.
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Photo: Courtesy of Tibi.
Royal Blue
Tibi's fall campaign, shot in Conneticut's Stony Creek Quarry, provided the perfect, muted background from which a deep but bright shade of royal blue pops — it reminds us of the color of a fresh pair of jeans. In a variety of silhouettes, autumn's most popular blues may now be the ones that color crepe dresses, button-down tops, and your new pair of pointed-toe pumps.
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Photo: Courtesy of Salvatore Ferragamo.
The Bronze Medal
No one ever gives the bronze winner as much attention as the gold, but things are about to change. The metallic shade seen in the Salvatore Ferragamo campaigns is less sparkly, still shiny; lustrous but doesn't go as far as to suggest you're wearing foil. It's a shade that's as good as gold — probably even better.
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Photo: Courtesy of Giorgio Armani.
The classic autumnal hunter green plays second fiddle to a much paler version this year. While moss would suggest springtime, it's just as lovely for incorporating into the season's first sweaters, dresses, and in smaller, statement accessories. Head-to-toe suiting works just fine, too, as evidenced in Giorgio Armani's stunning photo.
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Photo: Courtesy of Gucci.
Cotton Candy
This time last year, it was a paler, softer pink that was popular, but 2014's version has bite. Sure, the shade employed here by Gucci is still quite feminine, but it's also deeper and has a bit more luster.
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Photo: Courtesy of Alexander Wang.
Yield-Sign Yellow
Alexander Wang introduced us to a shade of yellow that was traffic-stopping, at the very least. Fall '14 shows the primary color as unapologetically bright, super-saturated, and not for the timid. So, if you're feeling shy, start with a print to ease yourself in.
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Photo: Courtesy of Fendi.
Deep Teal
This autumn provides us with the perfect mashup of greens and blues, in the form of a dark neutral. Fendi's ads show it in matching sets, but really this romantic shade works well across the board, especially in lush textures like velvet, felt, and knits.
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Photo: Courtesy of Whistles.
Purple Gray
Your classic color gets a small upgrade this year, as we've noticed from the Whistles' fall campaign and the e-commerce landscape alike. An ever-so-slight tint of purple livens up a traditional shade of gray, and suddenly your basics seem anything but.
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