8 Things To Know This AM


Yikes: Sources tell "Page Six" that Kendall Jenner allegedly tried to skip out on a restaurant bill because the waitress wouldn't serve her alcohol. (Page Six)

Nicki Minaj was really on to something with "Super Bass." A recent study found that songs with heavy bass actually do make people feel powerful. (PolicyMic)

Are these the 15 most important moments in TV nudity? (GQ)

All-around hilarious person Michelle Wolf talks about balancing writing for Late Night with Seth Meyers with her burgeoning stand-up career. It will make you want to do the same. (Splitsider)

A Game of Thrones actor suddenly died just a few days after he filmed his first scenes. (BBC)

This is what Ryan Seacrest looked like in 1994 — when standing on a ledge shirtless, staring off into the distance, was the epitome of sexiness. (BuzzFeed)

The "apparently" kid now has an Auto-Tune remix. Such is the life cycle of an Internet phenomenon. (The Daily Dot)

Finally, people are still paying Paris Hilton a lot of money to DJ. (AZ Central)

kendalljenner-8thingsembedPhoto: Via @kendalljenner.