10 Up-&-Coming Chicago Blogs To Read NOW!

Illustrated by Madelyn Somers.
While we'll never stop perusing the paper (yes, the physical version), we obviously love a good digital read. And, given Chicago’s abundance of talented bloggers, daily inspiration is never more than a click away. There seems to be a new must-read blog popping up every day. To ensure you're reading the best ones out there, we asked our favorite media maven Jill Badlotto, social producer at Chicago Blogger Network (founded by the amazing Kelly Ryan O'Brien), to pull together 10 cool blogs that may not be on your radar but definitely should be. So, whether you're looking to live a healthier lifestyle or are in need of a new DIY project for a rainy day, these newbies have you covered.
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Illustrated by Madelyn Somers; Photo courtesy of Anna Baun.
Anna Baun: A Lily Love Affair
"My initial goal for starting the blog was to form a creative outlet and share my love for fashion with a community. My goal has evolved into a destination where women (and men!) can find encouragement, support, and sisterhood along with great style tips and inspiration.”

The bottom line: It didn’t take us long to get hooked on Anna’s blog — the bright patterns, the gorgeous photography. Plus, we love how dedicated she is to supporting other women (girl power!). We’re already BFFs — she just doesn’t know it yet.
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Illustrated by Madelyn Somers; Photo courtesy of Christina Solomon.
Christina Solomon: Chritiques
"One of my favorite hobbies is navigating the tremendous food scene that we are so lucky to have in Chicago. I created Chritiques in order to not only have a creative outlet in which I could share my opinions about restaurants, food products, and events, but also a place for my readers to visit in order to find the perfect place to eat.”

The bottom line: Everyone needs that one friend who is willing to try all of the new restaurants and come back to you with a full report, and we’ve found that in Christina. Never again ask the question, “Where should we go to dinner?”
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Illustrated by Madelyn Somers; Photo courtesy of Debbie Davis.
Debbie Davis: Dietician Debbie Dishes
"Are you looking to eat healthier but don't know where to start? Dietitian Debbie Dishes is a great resource for wholesome, seasonal vegetarian recipes, healthy living tips, and meal plans.”

The bottom line: If eating healthier was your resolution for 2014 (and almost every year before that), save your money on hiring a dietitian and head over to Debbie’s blog. She provides healthy vegetarian recipes and advice — and she has the knowledge to back it all up.
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Illustrated by Madelyn Somers; Photo courtesy of Tiya Cunningham-Sumter.
Tiya Cunningham-Sumter: The Bolder Sister
“I had to create the Bolder Sister blog for all the women who quiet their voice and live in fear. I was once that girl, and I know how important it is to raise your voice, be heard, and live authentically!”

The bottom line: This inspiring, uplifting blog is one that every person should read daily. The Bolder Sister conveys a strong message — from the voice of an amazing woman — that should never go unheard.
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Illustrated by Madelyn Somers; Photo courtesy of Desirée Velasquez.
Desirée Velasquez: Fashionlingual
“While living in Madrid, Spain I had acquired a lot of funny anecdotes from bilingual beauty and fashion mishaps. A bikini wax is an uncomfortable experience all on its own. Try getting one in another language via awkward sign language! In my time abroad, I compiled a fashion and beauty English-Spanish dictionary for future expats and then decided to press forward with a bilingual blog to share my travels, personal style, and fashion interests.”

The bottom line: Desirée adds flare and uniqueness to every post, separating her blog from the others. Fashionlingual is the mixture of two cultures brought together over the love of fashion — a language we can all speak.
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Illustrated by Madelyn Somers; Photo courtesy of Christine Jones.
Christine Jones: Beyond The Park
“As someone who grew up in NYC and is now raising three children in downtown Chicago, I understand the challenges and opportunities that parents face raising their kids in the city. I created Beyond the Park to offer savvy parents (like us) a curated collection of the best activities, restaurants, tips, and products for families and kids, ages preschool to teens.”

The bottom line: Who said you need to move to the 'burbs when you start a family? Christine is constantly sharing activities to do in Chicago for those with children, from places to eat to outdoor fun. All you city mommas out there, this one’s for you (and future mommas, you’ll want to bookmark this).
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Illustrated by Madelyn Somers; Photo courtesy of Jess Keys.
Jess Keys: The Golden Girl
"I started a blog because I woke up at 24 and realized there had to be more to life than getting wasted and eating late-night burritos. I wanted a way to be creative, and The Golden Girl allowed me to accomplish that in a way that I couldn't at my 9-to-5 job.”

The bottom line: Humor, fashion, and a sweet personality are the best ways to describe this refreshingly adorable blog. Also, we imagine a 2014 Carrie Bradshaw would be extremely envious of Jess’s closet.
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Illustrated by Madelyn Somers.
Emily DeAngelis and Devin DeAngelis: Walton and Rush
"Walton and Rush is a fashion and lifestyle blog that we started as a creative outlet to express our different styles; we love sharing closets and dressing up! We are best friends, sisters, and bloggers — it doesn't get much better than that!”

The bottom line: What’s better than one fashion blogger with a covetable closet? Two sister fashion bloggers sharing that closet! Walton and Rush gives us the inspiration we need every morning to spice up those same old pieces in our closet by mixing things up.
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Illustrated by Madelyn Somers; Photo courtesy of Megan Patterson.
Megan Patterson: Sparkles and Sprinkles
"While juggling two internships and a part-time job, I needed a creative outlet to express myself. I started Sparkles and Sprinkles in hopes to inspire young women, like myself, to share their own personal sparkle in today's world!”

The bottom line: We’re overly obsessed with Megan's DIY stories that make our Pinterest dreams come true. And, we can’t get enough of her delicious dishes. With every post, this blog adds a little sparkle to our day.
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Illustrated by Madelyn Somers; Photo courtesy of Sarah Baker.
Sarah Baker: Balanced Babe
"I want to motivate women to be the best version of themselves!”

The bottom line: Trying to balance it all can be difficult, but Sarah makes it completely doable with her healthy recipes, inspiring interviews, and killer fashion. She is even running her own holistic health retreat in September!