8 Things To Know This AM


Chris Pratt surprised kids at a Guardians of the Galaxy screening, because he is a dreamboat. (The Mary Sue)

Y'all gonna make DMX lose his mind up in here — here being Six Flags. (TMZ)

Stephen Colbert wants some of that sweet, sweet Kim Kardashian: Hollywood money. (Splitsider)

This is the most impassioned Beyoncé-themed monologue you will watch today. (The Huffington Post)

Things are going to get even worse for Edith on season 5 of Downton Abbey. (Vanity Fair)

This accidental Amelia Bedelia Wikipedia hoax lasted for over five years. (The Daily Dot)

Touché, Someecards. Touché. (Twitter)

Finally, a beautiful soul took the time to rank all of Strong Bad's emails. Thank you, Internet. (Vulture)

chris-pratt-8things-embedPhoto: REX USA/DAVID FISHER/Rex.