American Hustle Hair: A Glam Guide to '70s Hairstyles

Photo: Courtesy of Columbia Pictures.
Anyone who's seen American Hustle can't really argue over the identity of the movie's real star. True, the performances are amazing —and surely Amy Adams and Jennifer Lawrence are headed for the Oscar acceptance platform. But, outside of Bradley Cooper's magical man-perm, the best performance in that film? Amy Adams' hair.
That mane of magical goodness took on so many personalities we're sure it had to be medicated post filming, as she and Bale planned, schemed, and pretty much threw down the '70s style to award-winning perfection. We're not denying that her sick wardrobe isn't worthy of an accolade here, but there's no denying that her hair is the breakaway star of the film. See also: Why is there no Oscar for hair? Sorry, digressing.
Adams' dazzling 'dos were like a greatest hits' montage of the '70s most iconic hairstyles, which started the wheels turning of all the hair icons of that bygone era and sparked so many amazing looks that hair mavens still turn to them as references today. And, trust us, it pays to go retro. Because, let's face it: When you want to show up somewhere making sure you're wearing a look that nobody else is wearing, go vintage. Stylists know this trick for the red carpet, and it's even more fun on us real folks in real life.
We called on celebrity hairstylist and colorist Harry Josh, to help us make sense of these historical manes and how to get those styles today."The '70s were really all about four distinct personalities," says Josh. "It was either chic bohemian straight, punk, sex bomb, or disco." We've pulled some of our favorite icons from all those styles, so let's steal a bit of their mojo for today. Whether you go hippie straight like Cher, punk like Debbie Harry, or all foxy like Pam Grier, it's time to get your hair hustle on.