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Add To Cart: Your Ultimate Sunday Shopping List

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    You've had an exhausting weekend of swimming, sunbathing, and day drinking — hey, that margarita wasn't going to lift itself. Now, you're done. And, the only thing left on the agenda is to plant yourself firmly on the couch (yes, even if it's nice outside) and do absolutely nothing. But, we know you — you're not that lazy. You're a multitasker. So, while you're enjoying your evening, why not knock off the rest of your summer shopping list, too?

    And, to make it even easier for you, we're highlighting all the best summer-perfect merch that passed our way over the last seven days, including the most flattering throw-on dress, chic curb-to-desk heels, and a sleek weekend bag for your next getaway. Click through to shop it all and enjoy your last moment of freedom — before you hit the ground running again tomorrow morning.

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