10 Fun Cameras To Document Your Summer Memories

As a number of our readers are in high school themselves (hi, guys!), we asked high-schooler Emma, blogger at The Emma Edition and a connoisseur of all things teenager-y, to educate us on fashion as relevant to high-schoolers and beyond.
There aren't too many summer weekends left before the weather turns sour, so you don't have much longer to make some memories—and document them, of course! When packing your bag for the long weekend, one of your essentials is sure to be your camera. Why not shoot pictures of your friends with a sense of humor? This roundup of whimsical and affordable cameras will make you snap-happy. An added bonus—these cameras will also be conversation pieces to get your weekend off on the right track!
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The Digital Chocolate Camera, $40, available at Four Corner Store.
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Pop 9 Golden Camera, $40, available at Lomography.
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Poketo Pink Slim Angel Wide-Angle Camera, $35, available at Poketo.
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Lego Digital Camera, $78 available at FredFlare.
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The Juice Box Camera, $25, available at Photojojo.
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UO LOL Disposable Camera, $14, available at Urban Outfitters.
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Red Trees Golden Half Camera, $55, available at Poketo.
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Popeye Camera: Four Corners Edition, $35, available at Four Corner Store.
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PhotoJoJo Reusable Underwater Camera, $15, available at PhotoJoJo.
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Hello Kitty Lomography Fisheye 35mm Camera, $60, available at Sanrio

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