7 Fresh Scents To Suit Your Spring Style

We know that sensory memory is the strongest of our five senses, and a killer scent can instantly transport you back to that crazy summer holiday in Mykonos or the night you met "him." But more importantly, scent is an extension of personal style, and we understand that sprucing up your spring look is just as important as updating your fragrance. Having filled our office with way too many so-so scents (sorry everybody!), we did score seven exceptional ones we think deserve a heads-up. And whether you're a dreamy boho chick or an uptown princess, you're bound to discover a new scent here that speaks your language.
1. To See A Flower
The Scent: Narcissus, fresh grass after it rains
The Girl: Earthy and real
The Price: $12-$60
Where To Get It: CB I Hate Perfume Gallery
93 Wythe Avenue (at North 10th Street), Brooklyn; 718-384-6890
Above, left, image via Acne
2. Humanity Fragrance
The Scent: White Lotus flower, vanilla
The Girl: Chic and charitable
The Price: $125, 100% Percent of the proceeds go to the Brooklyn Humanity Project
Where To Get It: Sigerson Morrison
Location: 28 Prince Street, (at Mott Street); 212-219-3892
Above, left, image via Tucker
3. 3 By Henry Holland and Peter Nilson for Seven New York
The Scent: Mimosa, lilac
The Girl: Naturally cooler-than-thou
The Price: $95 (10% goes to sustainable community projects)
Where To Get It: Available exclusively at Seven and Oak in New York
110 Mercer Street, (between Spring and Prince streets), 646-654-0156
Above, left, image via Whyred
4. Tubereuse 40 (NY)
The Scent: Tubereuse, bergamot, orange
The Girl: Parisian ingenue
Where To Get It: Exclusively at Le Labo (customizable) 233 Elizabeth Street (between Prince and East Houston streets); 212-219-2230
Above, left, image via Olivia Rubin
5. Odin 02 Owari
The Scent: Freshly crushed grapefruit leaves, spicy cubeb pepper, and tonkin musk from the Chinese mountains
The Girl: Mysterious and a little masculine
The Price: $110
Where To Get It: Odin
328 East 11th Street (Between 1st and 2nd avenues), 212-475-0666
Above, left, image via Blouson Noir
6. Bronze by Nana Debary
The Scent: Iris, ylang-ylang, mandarin
The Girl: Modern-day Lolita
Price: $98-$160
Where To Get It: Barneys New York
660 Madison Avenue (between 60th and 61st streets), 212-833-2200‎
Above left, image via Lover
7. Cartier X L'Heure Folle
The Scent: Red Currant, pink peppercorn, grenadine
The Girl: Established and emerging society queens
The Price: $250
Where To Get It: Cartier
828 Madison Avenue (at 69th Street), 212-472-6400
Above, left, image via Longchamp

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