5 Things To Know This AM


Frankie Knuckles, the godfather of house music, has passed away. (Advocate)

In head-scratching news, Mark Zuckerberg reportedly made $1 salary last year. And, yet, he's still the 22nd richest person in the world. (Complex)

On the sports front, Tiger Woods, for the first time in a decade, will miss the Masters. (Chicago Tribune)

Though nothing's official yet, multiple sources like Reuters and WSJ are reporting the iPhone 6 will have a much larger screen than previous generations. (Fast.Co)

One thing's for sure, though, science has finally found the reason zebras have stripes. (io9)

Bonus talking points:
Lebenon has finally, after a years-long campaign, made domestic violence a crime. (Yahoo!)

An 8.2-Magnitude earthquake has rocked Chile, killing six, and putting Hawaii at risk for tsunami. (The Weather Channel)

And, on a lighter note: Today marks the official launch of our newly revamped (and totally addictive) mobile feed. Now there's no excuse to ever leave us. Check out the details here.

apple_02Photo: Courtesy of Apple.