My Life In Credits: Rebecca Minkoff's Laid-Back Style Starts At $4

Introducing "My Life In Credits," a quick and easy — we like to think of it as fun and painless! — fill-in-the-blank Q&A with our favorite stylish peeps. Have some questions of your own for our fashion friends? Shoot away in the comments. We'll be sure to get them on the ledger for the next round. For now, find out what Rebecca Minkoff's current drink of choice is (hint, it's not Red Bull and vodka) and where you can find that classic M.A.B. bag next.
horizontalPhotographed by Mindy Best.
Rebecca Minkoff
I'm a professional:
Fashion designer
Current social-media platform of choice:
Instagram! @rebeccaminkoff
I am responding to this Q&A on:
My Samsung Galaxy Tablet.
The very last thing I bought was:
The juice from Juice Press that I am drinking right now as I type this.
The current star of my closet is:
My embroidered leather jacket from my SS14 collection. It’s a great layering piece, and it goes with everything.
Sneaker of choice:
Nike Flyknits
Right now, I am wearing:
Black jeans, a T-shirt, and my favorite leather jacket.
I wish I could say I was wearing:
Springtime-appropriate clothes — this weather in NYC has been brutal.
I would be really comfortable if I was wearing:
A caftan on a warm, sunny beach!
My secret shopping destination that no one can know about is:
Now, if I told you, it wouldn’t be a secret!
This past week, I spent the most money on:
I love to brag that this item only cost this much:
Nivea Lip Butter — it only costs $4 and is a miracle worker!
Jewelry I never take off:
My Thakoon for Tasaki necklace that my husband bought me for our anniversary last year.
Crest Complete
If the Smithsonian asked me to donate one item from my life, it would be:
The original bag that put me on the map — the M.A.B.
What does that stand for?
Morning After Bag
Did you know San Francisco banned the sale of plastic water bottles?
I think it’s great that they banned plastic water bottles! I make a habit of using my Klean Kanteen bottle throughout the day.
My favorite heels that don't hurt my feet one bit are:
My Cameron pumps from my spring '14 shoe line.
I own about this many pairs of jeans:
Too many!
But, I mostly wear this pair:
Gray, skinny Jane jeans from my denim line.
The last gift I bought was:
A Diptyque candle for my friend’s housewarming.
One "I own this, it's mine, I'll love it FOREVER" item:
My Chloé Suzanna boots — they never get old and are the most comfortable.

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