Editor Obsessions: A Random List Of What We Want Now

Photo: Courtesy of Catbird, Topshop, and Shopbop.
We like our Saturdays to be well rounded. Which usually entails sleeping in, running a few errands, having boozy brunch, taking a quick museum stroll, and indulging in a little lot of shopping before a night out. And, it appears we're well on our way to achieving this glorious weekend bliss — at least when it comes to the shopping aspect, anyway. That's right. We're spending the remainder of this work-free afternoon scooping up everything we need to kick off this new season the right way. And, you know, to have something legit to talk brag about come watercooler time Monday morning.
Ahead, you'll find all the picks we're currently adding to our carts, including super-sweet jewelry, shoes, and bags; beauty goods galore; and the coolest sweatshirt that one of our editors (and Beyoncé!) can't stop wearing. Click through for an insider peek at how we're spending our hard-earned paychecks. But, fair warning, you may just want to drop some cash, too.
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"I'm forcing spring to show up via my wardrobe. Just nabbed these pretty porcelain-rose earrings that are part 'grandma's jewelry box' and 'part marzipan decoration.' So in love with them right now.” — Kristin Booker, beauty writer

Catbird Marzipan Rose Blue Bell Studs, $14, available at Catbird.
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“As soon as the weather even hints at warming up, my allergies start attacking. Among the typical, lovely smorgasbord of sneezing, itchiness, dizziness, and irritation, my skin also freaks out. Nope, I don't have a sunburn, and I didn't just climb up 20 flights of stairs — that's just what I look like in the spring.

"Our beauty guru Megan McIntyre passed along Jurlique's Calendula Redness Rescue cream, and I finally have a skin tone that looks human again. It takes care of the itchiness, it goes on thickly and soothingly (but not suffocatingly), and the tube looks great sitting on my desk. It's a bit pricey for a skin cream, but I'd pay an arm and a leg for some peace of face.” — Connie Wang, style director

Jurlique Calendula Cream, $37, available at Jurlique.
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"No, I didn’t go to Yale. And, no, I don’t eat a ton of kale. But, I’ve sure been reppin’ both proudly, as of late. This is not only the funniest piece of clothing I own but also the comfiest. Seriously. If you ever see me in person and I’m wearing it, feel free to come up and touch me. It’s that soft. Oh, and Beyoncé’s worn the same pullover before. And, I do everything Bey does. Period." — Bobby Schuessler, fashion writer

Sub Urban Riot Kale: Fav Sweatshirt, $48, available at Sub Urban Riot.
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“Sandal weather may still be two months away, and chances are the furthest I'll travel this summer is on the A train. But, these Vince sandals will at least make me feel like I'm beach-strolling in Bali.” — Leeann Duggan, style features editor

Vince Elise Espadrille Flat Sandals, $250, available at Shopbop.
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“Perhaps it's all the wedding-band research I did earlier this month, but lately I've been yearning for a little ring bling of my own. And, I think this Digby & Iona bauble may just be the one. I still plan on heading to Catbird on Bedford Avenue to try it on before making the purchase, but I'm already sold on the signet style and the fighting words of the 'war games of life' insignia. It's the perfect mix of cheeky and practical.” — Marissa Rosenblum, market director

Digby & Iona Don’t Give Up The Ship Ring, $170, available at Catbird.
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"In God We Trust's matching crop top and full skirt set may actually be too cute for words. Its cheeky sunglasses print has hook, line, and sinkered me (and my wallet). But, hey, it is on sale." — Ellen Hoffman, editorial assistant

In God We Trust Sunnies Print Rita Bustiet, $56, available at In God We Trust; In God We Trust Sunnies Print Full Skirt, $110, available at In God We Trust.
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"I have an Amber Ibarreche shirt that says 'The moon don't phase me,' but that's a total lie. It truly does. So, I finally scooped up this pillow that I've had my eye on from AHAlife to make it part of my home and have a little control over it instead of the other way around. Plus, it looks really good on my striped West Elm duvet. Win-win." — Annie Georgia Greenberg, style editor

Studio DKS By Deborah Shavlik Moon Pillow, $150, available at AHAlife.
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“I've been using this face mask every day this week, since the cold, windy weather seems to be determined to ruin my face! It's hydrating and soothing, so it not only helps with those dry patches but takes care of the redness underneath them. Also, it smells like springtime.” — Gabrielle Korn, assistant beauty editor

Fresh Rose Face Mask, $58, available at Fresh.
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"Can't get enough pinstripes! First, it was a pair of trousers, then a crop top. I guess the last thing on my pinstripe to-do list is to buy this adorable dress." — Rachel Besser, fashion assistant

Topshop Modern Tailoring Pinstripe Dress, $120, available at Topshop.
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"I popped into Saturdays' West Village shop on a whim during one of those first nice weekends and immediately spotted this bag. I've been on the hunt for a large tote to use on the days a briefcase or brown tote just won't work with an outfit. (I heard somewhere that a bag should always complement your shoes — not too sure how true that is, but it haunts me.) Anyway, this bag is the answer to my black-tote dreams: big, durable, and, most importantly, not super masculine." — Hayden Manders, assistant entertainment writer

Saturdays Classic Tote, $299, available at Saturdays.

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