Editor Obsessions: Hint, Lots Of Shoes

Perhaps we've got ourselves an office full of closeted sneakerheads, or maybe we're just really into the athletic-influenced collections dominating spring. From Alexander Wang and rag & bone to Zara and Topshop, there's a surplus of sporty finds to be shopped, and we're more than willing to contribute to that noble cause. As for this week, our editors were craving high-tops and trainers like they were going out of style. We're talking bicolor Nike sneaker wedges; classic, all-white Chuck Taylor lace-ups; and even a pair of adidas' Stan Smiths that'll kick your street-style game into high gear.
But, that's not all that's caught our staffers' eye. Leather jackets, lipstick, and lenses are all our sought-after buys, too. And, let's not forget about vacation. We're shopping for swimwear, sundresses, and all of that good stuff now — so that a frantic, last-minute spree doesn't become part of our to-do list. (Let's be honest, that will totally happen no matter how much we plan ahead.) Want the real-deal, insider peek at our shopping carts? Read on, and feel free to add our picks to yours, too.
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"I'm obsessed with sneakers. I wear my Nikes to work on the reg, even if it means exposing bare ankles to the freezing cold. These are my obsession because they're a really sleek, fresh, and incognito way to get back into the sneaker-heel game. Not to mention I won't have to feel bad about exposing my indoor running shoes to the elements." — Rachel Besser, fashion assistant
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"Even though I'm not physically going away on vacation until the end of May, my mind is already in Sint Maarten. And, all I want to shop are flirty sundresses, bathing suits, and sandals. This Soft Joie frock is totally my style — it's feminine, looks super comfy, and it's on sale." — Ellen Hoffman, editorial assistant
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"I'm desperate for a pair of saddle shoes. I spotted them in Paris at the Robert Clergerie store, but I'm going to save up for these for a while." — Annie Georgia Greenberg, style editor
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"I have basically put off wearing glasses since I first 'failed' the eye test at the beginning of high school. Up until about six months ago, I would have firmly told you there was not a pair of glasses in the world that looked good on me. And, then I found Warby Parker's Clyde glasses. I spent months and months wanting to buy them but told myself new glasses were such a commitment and life change. But, two weeks ago, I gave in and finally bought them after my seemingly never-ending obsession. And, they just may be the best purchase I have ever made." — Rebecca Smith, SEO editor
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"No one does prints quite like Preen, and this skateboard is the ultimate. I want to make a table out of four of them, but I'd also settle for one hanging on my wall." — Willow Lindley, associate fashion editor
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"I've made up my mind that this is the spring I'm going to finally buy a leather jacket. And, I'll wear it every day. My heart isn't sold yet to any particular one, but the picks from AllSaints are always wonderful." — Chloe Daley, editorial assistant
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"Listen, I'm not asking for beachy weather just yet. But, if the dirty snow and piled-up ice can finally thaw already, that would be great. These white, ankle-strap beauties are exactly what I'll put on first once the NYC streets no longer have that dirty, late-winter glow. Thankfully, these perfect spring shoes are currently on sale — and the color is called 'snowy.'" — Gina Marinelli, associate fashion features editors
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"Yes, I'm ready for spring, but truth is, it's still winter outside. So, a toasty sweater is still crucial. And, this awesome new camo-esque knit from Sandro will make getting through the next few cold weeks semi-bearable." — Bobby Schuessler, fashion writer
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"I once met a self-proclaimed sneakerhead who didn't know what Stan Smiths were — needless to say, I mentally stripped him of the sneaker-freaker crown. Stan Smiths are a bona fide, old-school classic. They've looked great since 1971, moved millions of bottles of Kiwi Sport Whitener, and, along with adidas' Rod Lavers, are pretty much the only reason I know the names of any '70s tennis player besides Björn Borg. I have the puffy, Velcro-closure Stans that adidas put out 10 years ago, but I'm ready to upgrade to the classic. They're as fresh, iconic, and unpretentiously cool as kicks get." — Leeann Duggan, style features editor

adidas Stan Smith Shoes, $75, available at adidas.
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"I've made a commitment to myself — and to anyone who'll listen — that from now on I'm going to dabble in more feminine looks. But, since I'm unable to abandon my jeans on a daily basis, this really just means that I started wearing lipstick. That may not sound like a big deal, but up until about a month ago, the only lipstick I owned was a red-orange number, gifted to me by DIY goddess Chloe Daley. And, even with that powerful tool, I was still opting for a colorless lip balm. Yawn, right?

"Well, last month, I met the venerable Rebecca Perkins, who recently opened her own makeup salon, Rouge, in Soho. I went in to get my makeup done and took that opportunity to figure out a good investment lipstick. Behold Face Stockholm's Matte Raisin Lipstick. It is amazing. Upon initial application, it's a strong berry color. But, even as it begins to fade, it turns into a lighter color rather than simply disappearing. I've been wearing it almost every day. Lipstick pact: nailed it." — Vanessa Golembewski, East Coast editorial assistant
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"We've been talking nonstop about how much we all want a slim-fit leather high-top, and I'm going to finally put my money where my mouth is. These Converse ones are classic and a bargain compared to the designer versions out there." — Connie Wang, style director
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"I'm always on the lookout for the perfect hoodie. This UV Cut beaut by Uniqlo has both the sun protection and subtle floral print that make it the perfect pick for spring. And, at $22.90, it's a great bang for your buck." — Kat Huang, shopping intern
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"This might be TMI, but here we go — Beautiful Bottoms knickers have become the highlight of my undie drawer. (Yep, that did feel like a lot to share now that I've typed it, but I feel it's important to share this information because I would feel sad for all the people who might miss out.) These pretty, cheeky, super-low-cut silk-Georgette bikinis are crazy light and soft. And, I'm pretty sure I'm not supposed to do this, but I throw 'em in the washing machine on the reg, and they've been powering through just fine. Check out this pretty British underpinnings label on its U.K. site here, or, if you're Stateside and want to avoid the $30 shipping, Journelle has a nice little selection as well." — Marissa Rosenblum, shopping market director

Beautiful Bottoms Oriental Bird Ruched Knickers, $46, available at Journelle.
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"I bought my first pair of sneaker wedges a week ago — while writing about my love-hate relationship with them, no less — and, I kid you not, I've worn them every day since. Every. Day. So, seeing as I have to step up my game (get it?), this all-white style is next on my list. Once you get the sneakerhead back in the game, you just can't stop it. And, yes, I will walk without bending my toes, and I will wipe them clean every day." — Jada Wong, staff writer, brand experiences

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