#Trending In Fashion: VFiles' Finale, BCBG's Faux-Fur Muff, & More!

New York Fashion Week is in full swing, and we're cataloguing all the style, soirees, and stumbles. Yes, if it happened, it's here. The daily stuff you want to know — straight from the front row. #Trending.
And, we’re off! Our feet may hate us, our photo albums are already full, and those schedules are jam-packed, but, truth is, there’s nothing more thrilling than New York Fashion Week. That's not only because we get to preview what our fave designers have in store for next season, but because the stuff we've seen so far is good (like, crazy good). So much so, in fact, that we couldn't fathom not sharing with you right here, right now.
Up ahead, we’re bringing you questionably furry finds, the perfect (seriously, PERFECT) Coach work bag, the coolest new layering technique, and more. Click through to see what’s trending in our NYFW universe. And, check back every afternoon through Thursday for the latest fashion scoops.