The Ultimate Best-Friend Gift Guide

Are you one of those fortunate souls that has too many friends to count? Congratulations — you’ve achieved “popular” status. But, with a plethora of peeps in your inner circle comes a lot of time (and money!) spent searching for the ultimate gift for each and every one of them, whether it's your total bestie or the know-it-all in your book club.
And, although we may be just a tad jealous of your A-list cred, we’re going to throw you a bone. (You know, so you can get in that holiday spirit.) Ahead, 13 so-perfect presents for every type of friend on your shopping list. Slip into a red jumpsuit and grow a beard, because it's time to play Santa.
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For The Offbeat, Quirky Chick

She’s unconventional and slightly peculiar; some might even say she's somewhat off-the-wall. But, eccentric (and so-fun) spirits like that don’t come around very often. Embrace her wacky taste with a kitschy-yet-adorable accessory that’s just as idiosyncratic as her personality.
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ILLUSTRATED by Ammiel Mendoza.
For Your Entertaining Cohost

You plan countless dinner parties together, and now your friendship status has been upgraded to sous-chef. So, indulge her in a glammed-up carving set she’d never splurge on herself. (And, hope you get a taste of that juicy turkey come dinnertime.)
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For Your Adorably Lazy Couch Potato

She’s known for cozying up on the couch with a 100% full DVR, so give her something extra-comfy to snuggle in.
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For Your Book-Club Bestie

She’s always, always at least three chapters ahead of you and — no matter what — has something smart to say. Give her a cozy cardi that's perfect for curling up with a new novel, or, if you can pull her away from it, drinks at the local café.

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For Your BFF Soul Sister

She’s your other half. Your partner in crime. Place a sweet, engraved ring in her stocking to show just how much she means to you. Think: the new friendship bracelet.
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For Your Jazzy, Dapper Dude

He knows more about style than your entire clan and has a crazy-jam-packed wardrobe. Give him a pair of statement brogues that’ll not only make his fashion heart skip a beat, but will also be sure to land into his wear-everywhere pile.
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For Your On-The-Go Business Bro

Upgrade his boring, black briefcase to a sleek, pebbled version in a luxe brass hue.
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For Your Rugged-Outdoorsman Bud

He’s always out there hiking and making campfires. Heck, you’ve even seen him chop wood for Pete’s sake. But, that ratty, old green puffer vest has gotta go. Replace his outdoor go-to with something a bit more sophisticated that will still go with his buffalo-check shirt and quilted khakis.

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For Your Sophisticated, Uptown Girl

She’s always gabbing about her latest travels and must-read literature, all while gracing every room she enters with supreme poise. Send her a sleek, metallic midi that’s ideal for her (many) upcoming elegant soirees.
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For Your Girl That Has Everything

She has the most enviable closet you’ve ever seen, but why not give her a new, holiday It bag to add to it, too?
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For Your Too-Smart Techie Guru

Have a little extra cash to burn for the computing genius in your life? Give him (or her) a brand-new, jaw-dropping gadget, i.e., a 3-D printer to create replicas of everything from favorite sports cars to crazy, new tech prototypes.
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For Your Sports-Enthusiast Little Nephew

That sports fanatic’s always tossing his trash in the garbage can trying to reach Dwyane Wade status. So, give him something he can really shoot hoops in. Bonus: It doubles as a lamp, too!
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For Your Nerdy Confidant

Fact: Thick glasses aren’t just for the nerds anymore. But, what so-cute geeky friend wouldn’t die for a new pair of oversize specs?
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For Your Up-At-6 a.m. Gym Obsessive

Whether they’re training for the marathon or simply maintaining that flawless BMI, make their exercise regimen that much easier with a simple band to measure workout intensity and progress.
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ILLUSTRATED by Ammiel Mendoza.
For Your (Daft Punk-In-Training) Funky DJ

She’s always rocking out or spinning the latest tracks. Upgrade her headphones to something that will pop when she hits the dance floor.

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