5 Things To Know This AM


The #Bof500 of Fashion is here — it's like the Forbes 500 list, only with way more style. (Business of Fashion)

In the best interest of your wallet, the location of this designer-handbag vending machine should remain a mystery. (Huffington Post)

Rihanna won her Topshop lawsuit in principal, but the case isn't closed until she starts raking in the dough. (The Cut)

Shucks! Now that the Dolce & Gabanna crown is sold out, it looks like you'll have to find another use for that $4,000 you were going to drop on it. (Net-A-Porter)

Here's a surrealist take on the age-old question of what to wear today for your morning sartorial struggle. (NOWNESS)

5thingssPhoto: via Business of Fashion.