50 Under-$50 Gifts You'd Actually Want

It's that special time of year when pine trees line the sidewalks, parties crowd many a sociable person's schedule (I've heard), and presents fly off the shelves into the eager arms of guilt-ridden consumers who are just now realizing that nothing says, "You matter to me!" quite like a Starbucks gift card.

Wait, come again? You haven't gone Christmas-shopping yet? Or Hanukkah-shopping? Or even non-denominational obligatory-token-of-my-affection shopping?! That's all right. We've all procrastinated at one point or another, even when the happiness of our close friends and relatives is at stake. (Dads appreciate a heartfelt IOU as much as a new tie, right?) Ahead, 50 fun ideas for the last-minute shoppers among us — you know who you are.

No matter who you're shopping for or what your budget is, Refinery29 has all the holiday picks you need right here.
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The next best thing to a real pup! (And easier to clean up after.)
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It's a tiny toy cat in a box. Was there something else you wanted for Christmas?
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For all of your friends who are obsessed with aura photography.
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It's like the emoji version of "Keep Calm and Carry On."
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A palm-tree pillow that's perfect in pairs and doesn't scream "Margaritaville."

Leif Copacabana Pillow, $48, available at Leif.
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Leah Goren's fabulous illustrations on the world's cutest tray, ever.
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Because cabbage is having a moment?
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Add a pop of color to your walls with this eye-catching clock.
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A multicolored mitt for the kitchen.
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Nothing says "cozy" like a heady blend of rosewood and musk.
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Affordable abstract work by artist Ashley Goldberg that's technically for children, but also great for anyone on a budget.
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The bookmark gets a bold, gold update. Sorry, Kindle devotees.
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Made from real Irish marble, these drink stones are the perfect accompaniments to a night cap.
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Speaking from experience: This scent is a gorgeous, subtle blend of sandalwood, ginger root, and salt that you'll burn all day long, even though the directions specifically say not to.
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It's a bird! It's a plane! Actually, it's an avant-garde bottle opener that you'll want to proudly display.
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Ellen's trademark sense of humor comes through in her homewares line, ED by Ellen.
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This dual candlestick looks more expensive than it is.
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A tongue-in-chic storage vessel that could double as a vase.
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101 Dalmatians for your mantel.
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Perfect for bathroom stashing.
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Fun and funky little brushes.
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A sophisticated spin on string lights.
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For the person in your life who hates laundry, but loves irony.
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Cheap and charming gift tags — always a plus!
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If you don't play marbles (and who does?), these would look great collected in a small dish or bowl.
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This linen tea towel will make doing the dishes an enthusiastic affair.
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A convenient way to keep an eye on your keys.
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Surprisingly affordable and on-trend.
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A cute concrete container with a clear, Lucite lid.
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Simple, sweet, affordable.
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Almost too pretty to use — almost.
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A fun and unexpected addition to any room.
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Elevate your water-glass game with this set of stylish coasters.
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These streamlined boards are perfect for corralling odd bits.
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A carry-on cocktail kit? Yes, please.
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These oddly shaped "goobers" are the perfect antidotes to gifts that take themselves too seriously.
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Form, meet function. Now, where's that bottle of Pinot?
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A clever way to pledge your allegiance to the SoCal capital.
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Maybe the classiest water-filter system, ever.
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A must-have carafe and cup combo for any nightstand.
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Just what your bedside needs.
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Technically an ashtray, but also great for storing and displaying jewelry.
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Minimalists rejoice! This cloth cord and brass pendant is the perfect no-lamp look.
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A lighter that's so classy it hurts.
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An everyday indulgence, because who wants to blow out their own candles?
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This hardy metal matchbox is cute — and conveniently reusable.
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A graphic poster makes a big impact in small spaces.
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Perfect for long nights in with bae, a.k.a. Netflix.
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A brass plant-mister for those next-level watering sessions.
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An affordable spin on high art, this poster references work by Tracey Emin with typographic panache.
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