5 Hotels That Are Completely Out-Of-This-World

Photo: Courtesy of Mr & Mrs Smith.
Sometimes, the "all" in getting away from it all includes work, a cramped apartment, an anxiety-inducing commute...and Earth’s stratosphere, perhaps? Space is the next frontier in tourism, according to a handful of cosmically inclined entrepreneurs — including, most famously, Sir Richard Branson. But until we can start complaining about checked baggage fees on Virgin Galactic and replace quandaries like “Is there life on Mars?” with questions like “Is there WiFi on Mars?” we’ll have to settle for simulated planet-hopping.

To satisfy your celestial urges, the boutique hotel experts at Mr & Mrs Smith have rounded up five hotels with distinctly intergalactic qualities.
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Photo: Courtesy of Mr & Mrs Smith.
Treehotel, Norrbotten County, Sweden
The stuff of 1950s sci-fi movies, the UFO room at Treehotel in Swedish Lapland is thoroughly flying-saucer-inspired, right down to its retractable ladder. The suite is built for five and has a double bed, plus three single beds for a whole gang of E.T. wannabes.

There are porthole windows for peering out at the surrounding forest, as well as constellation-patterned bed linens. As for the other five rooms at Treehotel, they’re stand-alone tree houses — and anything but cookie-cutter. For what it's worth, there’s a mirrored cube and an oversized bird’s nest in the bunch.
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Photo: Courtesy of Mr & Mrs Smith.
Hotel Unique, São Paulo, Brazil
With a name like Hotel Unique, a boxy bolt-hole with an ice machine on every floor simply wouldn’t do. Fortunately, this hideaway lives up to its moniker. Designed by Japanese-Brazilian architect Ruy Ohtake, the hotel looks like a futuristic version of the ark — if Noah had loaded Artoo-Detoos by the pair.

There’s a rooftop pool with an underwater sound system, as well as two side-by-side indoor pools with a waterslide (surely something Noah left off his blueprints). Many of the rooms have curved walls and porthole windows with views of São Paulo’s famed Ibirapuera Park.
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Photo: Courtesy of Mr & Mrs Smith.
Amangiri, Lake Powell, Utah
It feels like you should arrive by rover to this 34-suite resort. But rather than the rocky-red surface of Mars, you're on the desert terrain of southern Utah here, so a simple Range Rover (or any other earth-friendly ride) will do. Amangiri sits on 600 acres of wild and windswept land and has views of Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument. Its pool wraps around an escarpment of sandstone rock and its 25,000-square-foot spa offers flotation therapy, among other indulgent experiences.

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Photo: Courtesy of Mr & Mrs Smith.
Entre Cielos, Mendoza, Argentina
What first looks like a space lab quickly morphs into a bottle — a bottle of vino, specifically — when you consider its surroundings. The Limited Edition loft at Entre Cielos hotel hovers on stilts above a vineyard. Research here takes the form of afternoon-long Malbec tastings — hard work, but somebody’s gotta do it. There’s also ample opportunity for stargazing. This comfy cocoon has a skylight above the queen-size bed, plus an outdoor tub on the terrace.
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Photo: Courtesy of Mr & Mrs Smith.
Saffire Freycinet, Freycinet Peninsula, Australia
Tasmania is known for its devils, wallabies, and rugged wilderness. Space invasions? Not so much. But an aerial shot of Saffire hotel on the island’s eastern coast is worthy of a double take. Fortunately for mankind (and future generations of wallabies), the stingray-shaped structure isn’t an extraterrestrial mother ship.

Instead, it’s home to 20 suites, a spa, a contemporary restaurant, and enough Eames chairs to satisfy the planet’s biggest design buffs. Among the suites, there are four private pavilions, each with its own plunge pool.

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