5 Must-Have Fall Skincare Products Hand-Picked By A Local Beauty Guru

Just like we switch up our wardrobes for fall (or, in the case of San Francisco, give or take a sweater), your beauty routine should get a re-boot, as well. To help give your medicine cabinet a seasonal boost, we recruited local beauty guru Dara Kennedy, the founder of skincare site Ayla, to dish on her favorite products to keep your skin dewy and glowing, even through the somewhat cooler months ahead. And believe us, she knows what she’s talking about. The brainy beauty junkie (she holds degrees from Princeton and Harvard) had over a decade of cosmetics experience under her belt before she launched Ayla, a skin-focused site filled with super-effective products (sans controversial ingredients) for every skin type imaginable. Check out her top five fall skincare picks—plus three bonus beauty products!—that work for every woman...and prepare to get your glow on. READER BONUS: Let us know your personal skin-saving tip in the comments and one lucky winner will take home a MD SolarSciences Mineral Screen Gel SPF 30+!
Check Out Dara Kennedy's Top 5 Fall Skincare Must-Haves:
1. The Organic Pharmacy Carrot Butter Cleanser
"This deep cleanser is our best seller for a reason—it removes every trace of dirt and makeup on your face and it works wonders on clogged pores (especially those annoying plugs that a lot of us get on our noses). I recommend using it with the Organic Muslin Cloth for light exfoliation and a fun mini-facial experience."
The Organic Pharmacy Carrot Butter Cleanser, $59.95, available at Ayla.
2. Luzern Labs Serum Absolut Lighten
"This is a great late-summer treatment if you’ve spent a lot of time in the sun and want to get your skin back into shape for fall. It helps fade dark spots and melasma thanks to a blend of organic extracts that are safe even for sensitive skin. And it’s free of hydroquinone, a common bleaching agent that can—oddly, enough—causes darkening in skin over time."
Luzern Labs Serum Absolut Lighten, $90, available at Ayla.
3. MD SolarSciences Mineral Screen Gel SPF 30+
"Even during the less-sunny months, it's still obviously important to use sunscreen. If you find most sunscreens to be too heavy or greasy to tolerate every day, try this. It has to be the lightest, least-greasy sunscreen on the planet. It also provides fantastic broad-spectrum protection and it’s great for all skin types, even the most sensitive."
MD SolarSciences Mineral Screen Gel SPF 30+, $29.50, available at Ayla .
4. The Organic Pharmacy Flower Petal Deep Cleanser & Mask
"Everyone should have this mask! It removes dull surface skin cells and draws out impurities in just two minutes, leaving skin looking so much brighter. It’s the perfect thing to use just before a night out, or anytime you want your skin to look a lot more radiant in very little time."
The Organic Pharmacy Flower Petal Deep Cleanser & Mask, $51.95, available at Ayla .
5. Holocuren Miracle Lips
"It sounds vaguely like something you’d buy on television at 2 a.m., but if you struggle with dry, chapped lips, this will end your search for a balm that actually works. It’s so healing that it helps fever blisters and cold sores, too."
Holocuren Miracle Lips, $13, available at Ayla.
Keep clicking for Dara's top three fall beauty picks!
Dara's Top 3 Fall Beauty Picks:
1. Rahua Shampoo And Conditioner
"My hairstylist just introduced me to these two products. The shampoo soothes irritated scalps and treats colored hair gently, and the super-moisturizing conditioner can be used as a styling cream, too. Both are great for San Francisco weather—which is not always kind to frizz-prone hair!"
Rahua Shampoo and Conditioner, $32 and $34, respectively, available at Rahua.
2. Butter London Nail Lacquer In The Old Bill
"I like this line of polishes because they’re free of formaldehyde, toluene, and DBP, and its colors are beautiful. This is a particularly nice one for early fall: A burnished copper that’s not too brassy."
Butter London Nail Lacquer In The Old Bill, $14, at Butter London.
3. Le Labo Neroli 36
"I’ve worn this fragrance for over five years and still love it. It has a perfect combination of depth and brightness that's really tough to find. It's almost like an Indian summer in a bottle."
Le Labo Neroli 36, $145, available at Le Labo.

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