5 Things To Know This AM


Who better to style a photo shoot inspired by Carine Roitfeld than Carine Roitfeld herself? (The Cut)

Iris Van Herpen and Rem D. Koolhaas' United Nude 3-D printed shoe collaboration gives a whole new meaning to finding your roots. (United Nude)

For a British fellow, Nashville's Sam Palladio sure makes one fine American boy in the latest issue of MR PORTER — the clothes aren't too shabby, either. (MR PORTER)

Here's a list of the best vintage stores across America. Now all you need is a map, a car, a few friends, and some extra vacation days. (Glo)

We could be seeing a lot more meggings (fingers crossed they're not transparant) on the streets come 2016 when Lululemon opens its first chain of menswear stores. (New York Daily News)


Photo: Via The Cut