You Spin Me Right Round: The Best Hairstyles For Round Faces

Spring is in the air, and new hairstyles are in our heads — if not yet on them. The time for a new ‘do is here, but how to choose the right one for a round face shape? Unless this is your first haircut ever (which we sincerely hope it isn’t, unless you’re under the age of three) you already know that some styles are more flattering than others.
If you have a round face — in other words, a face that's equal in length and width — you'll be pleased to know that your best haircut (ever!) is just a few snips away. To make the new style transition easier more fun, we’ve called in the help of Luca Blandi of Oscar Blandi Salon in New York City.
Click through to score some of Blandi's top professional styling advice, and see how six celebs are making the most of the face shape that they've got!
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Layers don't just create movement; they're also great illusionists. Angled layers work best for round faces because of their lengthening effect. “Layers are especially great if they’re done around the chin and cheekbones," says Blandi. "I recommend really soft layers around the cheekbone area, chin, and close to the neck."

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Going Up

Volume and texture are key for updos, and it's best to avoid the shellacked look. “Avoid a style that’s too sleek and pulled back," says Blandi. "Always pull a few pieces from the sides and top. This makes it look softer.” Similarly, if you have short hair, ask your stylist to leave a bit of length in front of your ears.

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Okay, so highlights aren't a hairstyle. But, hear us out: Highlights that sit near the top of your crown draw peoples' eyes up, which can bring attention to your eyes. “When applying highlights to those with round faces, I choose different tones that fall around the face,” says Blandi. Oh, and if you think you can't pull off bangs....

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Fringe Benefits

Some women with round faces avoid bangs, but there's no need, says Blandi. “When creating bangs for those with round faces, I would make them softer bangs versus hard-edged,” Blandi says. What to avoid? Blunt bangs that hit squarely on the brows, at one consistent length — the Bettie Page look just isn't as flattering.

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That's Deep

It doesn’t get any better than a deep side part and sweeping bangs — they’re the ultimate team. A side part creates a curtain of hair, which shifts the focal point of your face. “I prefer longer bangs for rounder faces,” says Blandi. “It’s especially good for those with fuller cheeks."

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Going Long

As Mila Kunis shows, Rapunzel-style hair can create the illusion of an elongated face. “A straight look like this helps to hide parts of the face,” says Blandi. Once again, the key to making this work lies in the layers, since texture keeps the style from falling flat. Want to pull your hair back? Go for a high pony, and leave a few pieces out to better define your features.

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