3 DIY Hairstyles Made For Your 9-to-5

Even if you've landed your dream job and work in the coolest office ever, it's easy to fall into the business-as-usual rut when it comes to your beauty routine. There isn't anything wrong with alternating between wearing your hair loose and sporting a chignon, per se, but we'd like to argue that there are cooler, fresher ways to wear your hair — while still maintaining an air of professionalism.
To find the happy (hair) medium between creative and refined, we collaborated with the hair pros at Immortal Beloved. Together, we whipped up three inspiring, elegant DIYs you can master now, no matter where you punch the clock. We've got styles for short, medium, and long hair — so, shake out those strands, and let's get started!
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The look: Looped Fishtail Braids

What you'll need:
Dry texturizing spray
Working spray
Strong hairspray
Bobby pins
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First, mist hair with a dry texturizing spray to add volume and grip at the roots. Use a comb to part hair down the center and separate into two sections. Gently backcomb just at the roots on each side.
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As you near the end of your braid, loose ends will start to pop out. To prevent this, mist with working spray at the ends, and secure with an elastic.
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Mist with working spray — stylist Jordan Pringle used Oribe Superfine Hair Spray. Take the hair on one side of your head and divide into two equal parts. Take a small section of hair from the outer side of one half and cross it over; join it with the inner portion of the other half. Continue taking outer sections of hair, crossing them over, and joining them with the inner portion of the opposite section of hair until you have a fishtail braid. Keep in mind that the smaller the section, the more intricate the braid will look; bigger sections will create a looser, more bohemian feel.
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Repeat the fishtail braid technique with the opposite section; Gently press and loosen the finished braids to make them look wide and flat.
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Cross the braids over each other and pin the middle of each braid at the opposite side of your head, just behind the ear. The braid should be folded over itself to allow for the ends to be tucked under.
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Use large bobby pins to secure the braids, tucking the ends under to hide them under the coiled braids. Mist with strong hairspray to finish.
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Once you've mastered the fishtail technique, this is an easy updo that can transition from work to a fancy night out.
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So pretty, right?
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The look: Messy Chignon (inspired by Anna Sui's fall '13 runway)

What you'll need:
Dry texturizing spray
Working spray
Shine spray
1-inch to 1 1/4-inch curling iron
Styling clip
Boar bristle brush
Backcomb brush
Rattail comb or makeup brush
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First, separate the top half of hair and secure with a clip. Mist the bottom half of hair with dry texturizing spray, and use a curling iron to roll the hair under, focusing just on the ends.
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Take down the remaining hair and continuing curling the ends under. Mist all over with a working spray.
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Brush through the hair with a boar bristle brush to combine the sections.
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Tease at the crown to add volume and mist with working spray.
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Gather the hair into a ponytail and secure with an elastic.
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Take the top section of the ponytail and use a backcomb brush to tease; repeat with the middle section of the pony. Leave the bottom section unteased; wrap it around the base of the ponytail to conceal the elastic, and secure at the base with pins.
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Lightly smooth some of the teasing, but keep the slightly disheveled look that makes this style so modern and cool. Take the ends of the hair and tuck under to create the chignon, pinning at the base of the ponytail. Starting at the nape of the neck, slide bobby pins up and under the chignon to keep the hair tight.
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Spray the pick end of a rattail comb (or in a pinch, the handle of a makeup brush) with shine spray and run it gently over the top of your hair to smooth any flyaways. This trick, courtesy of stylist Ashley Geesaman, keeps you from OD'ing on product or using your hands, which deposit oil and deflate your hard-earned volume.
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Très chic!
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The look: Braided French Twist

What you'll need:
Sculpting cream
Strong hairspray
Bobby pins
Decorative pins
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First, blend the sculpting cream in your hands and run through the hair, then comb through. Part your hair however you prefer, then section off the portion over each ear. Clip the remaining hair so it's out of your way.
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French braid the first section, working your way down behind the ear. Secure the ends with an elastic, and repeat on the other side. If you have bangs, you can incorporate them into the braid, too.
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Pin the end of each braid at the back of your head, under the remaining hair.
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Backcomb the remaining section of hair just at the roots to create some body and lift.
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Gather the ends of the hair and create a messy French twist (key word: messy!). Twist, tuck, and pin until the hair is secured and the ends of the braids are concealed.
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Spray with strong hairspray and add a few pretty pins to finish off the look.
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We love these vintage-inspired baubles, but for a very conservative workplace, you could skip them until after-hours.
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See? Who says you can't get creative with short hair!